Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mary Cronin

In Millstreet Town and Parish everyone of her did know
One can say of Mary Cronin that she had the inner glow
For many years she owned the newspaper shop on the Main Street of Millstreet Town
A nice person who lived a simple lifestyle and never yearned for renown

As a nice and honest person Mary Cronin became known
And it truly can be said of her she was one of Millstreet's own
So honest in her business about her she had a saint like way
In the Cronin family grave in Drishane her last remains now lay

Gone from the Town of Millstreet a well known and beloved face
Mary Conny as she was known as was a credit to her own home place
And though in the Town in view of Clara never to be seen again
Fond memories of the nice person she was with those who knew her will remain

The changes keep on happening and nothing seems to last
And it is only in memory we can return to the past
And Millstreet in Duhallow has undergone changes quite a few
Just like every other Parish and this is nothing new

She did live to a good age and time no longer on her side
Yet sad news out of Millstreet to learn Mary Cronin she has died
That the Human World was better for her in it is only fair to say
In the Millstreet she was born and raised in she has lived her final day.

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