Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On Millstreet's Duhallow Championship Win

For the Millstreet Gaelic Football fans for a Duhallow A Championship an eleven years wait
But with the famed green and gold they did keep faith
And in the twenty fourteen Duhallow Final against Knocknagree in Banteer
The loyal Millstreet fans had good reason to cheer

On the back of a truck the players were led by the Millstreet Pipe Band through Millstreet Town
In the twenty fourteen Duhallow Championship their determined young team did not leave the fans down
Against the best teams in Duhallow with success they did compete
And it was party time in the Town of Millstreet

A sporting win excitement never does fail to create
And in Millstreet they do know how to celebrate
And doubtless many in Millstreet were hung over next day
For big celebrations always some price for to pay

But things would have been different in Knocknagree
A Duhallow Championship for their team and fans in twenty fourteen was not meant to be
One person's joy can be another person's sorrow as the wise one does say
But life is like this and will always be this way

Years ago Millstreet was one of the best clubs in Cork Senior Gaelic Football
As many of their aging fans with sadness do recall
Yet a Duhallow A Championship win to the spirits a raise
And brings back the memories of Millstreet's glory days.

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