Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Saw Him The Great Willie Neenan

The fox on the high field was barking in a voice though familiar wild and shrill
In the cold depths of mid Winter when January was blowing out it's chill
The pale moon did offer a faint light in memory time does stand still
I saw him the great Willie Neenan running on the high road to Bealach Hill

Alone with his thoughts on the high road the passionate athletic man
One who took on the best in the World and his legend the decades does span
On the steep road that leads to Kilmeedy the seeds of his greatness were sown
The miles he ran in training and racing would at least be a million if known

On a high road that most only walk on he ran at a good pace in the moonlight
His dark shadow on the road with him and no other human in sight
Towards the flatter road in Kilmeedy he did increase speed down the height
Leaving Bealach alone in it's loneness the great man he was out of sight

He ran against the best in the World and by him younger athletes inspired
To him running it did come natural one who never easily tired
Again he had conquered old Bealach the one with the untiring feet
On his way to Millstreet Town to Ballydaly the legendary Millstreet athlete

A white backed magpie was warbling on a wattle in the grey dawn of a Summer's day
As i awoke to realize i was only dreaming of a man from a place far away
The great person and great athlete Willie Neenan all is quiet where he now does lay
One who had run many miles in his lifetime how many could anyone say?

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