Tuesday, January 13, 2015

May Kennelly

To her children a good mother and to the late Tadgh Kennelly a good wife
By the Killarney Road near Millstreet Town May spent most of her long life
She was such a beautiful person down to earth and free of guile
One who greeted everybody with a warm and lovely smile
Such sad news out of Millstreet May Kennelly has passed away
That Millstreet was better for her living in it does seem a fair thing for to say
One who never made an enemy and to many was a good friend
She will always be remembered though her life has come to an end
She will be missed by many in the Town in view of Clara Hill
Every community need people like her as the spreaders of goodwill
To her family and friends her passing is a sad loss indeed
Of far more people like May Kennelly the Human World is in need
In the quietness of St Mary's by Cashman's Hill her last remains do lay
That she lived as a decent human being of her is true to say.

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