Sunday, August 2, 2015

St Mary's Cemetery By Cashman's Hill

St Mary's Cemetery by Cashman's Hill
So quiet in the gray of the dawn in the slight morning chill
Where many of the deceased of Millstreet Town and Parish in their final rest lay
The mentors and parents as well as family members of the Millstreet people of today

They lived as an integral part of their community and in Duhallow were well liked and well known
And they like us all did have ways of their own
Some of their descendants live in Millstreet today
Whilst others from there are living far away

Many of them their life stories in book form will never be told
In Millstreet they were born and in Millstreet they grew old
In St Mary by Cashman's Hill their remains are at peace
For all of us eventually from life a final release

Above St Mary's by Cashman's Hill the dawn is breaking gray
A similar spot awaits all of us and time does tick away
In the calm of a Summer dawn the silence is profound
In the quietness of St Mary's where gravestones in numbers do abound.

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