Monday, July 11, 2016

Denis Kelleher Of Aubane Cross

Such sad news online that i read of today
Denis Kelleher of Aubane Cross from life has passed away
Due to his association with the Aubane and later St John's Gaelic Football Clubs he became widely known
And in Aubane they will grieve him as one of their own

His passing in Aubane will not go without tears
Where he and his wife Noreen had a shop at the cross there for many years
He played with and later managed the Aubane Gaelic Football club as memory recall
Sadly he has died in his early seventies which is not that old at all

In Aubane he was born and lived as a boy and grew into a man
And in the valley in view of Mushera he lived out his life span
And though from the place he did love he is one of the forever gone
Good memories of him in Aubane will live on

In the bonding of the Aubane Community a huge part he did play
Quite loyal to his part of Millstreet Parish of him one can say
To an old Aubane family history his ancestry he could trace
Like his late father Con he was one with a strong sense of place

News of the passing of Denis Kelleher brings back many a good memory
Of the Aubane Gaelic Football team in the what used to be
They played in the Duhallow Championship many years ago
Going way back in time some three decades or so

For all of us there is a last night and day
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's in Millstreet his last remains lay
Hope his passing from life was a painless release
Denis Kelleher of Aubane Cross may he now rest in peace.

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