Saturday, January 7, 2017

Brendan O' Sullivan On His Bagpipe

On the roadway by the church in Ballydaly at the tolling of the funeral bell
Brendan O' Sullivan on his bagpipe he piped a last farewell
To the backdrop of the Boggeraghs on a gray December day
His respect to his neighbor, friend and mentor Eddie Murphy in music he did play

Of one who will always be remembered when friends of his will meet
Before the hearse did lead the funeral cars to St Mary's in Millstreet
Carrying a man who in his lifetime was known far and wide
From his native Ballydaly in Duhallow's green countryside

An image from the camera of Sean Radley uploaded online by Russell Murphy that will live on for years
Long after those who knew and loved Eddie will have shed their last grief healing tears
A farewell to a favorite son one of Ballydaly's own
In his long lifetime every day his friends in numbers had grown

On a bleak day in December close to zero degrees
The plaintive sound of Brendan's bagpipe was carrying in the breeze
Across Eddie Murphy's fields blowing with a cold chill
In view of Caherbarnagh, Gortavehy, Kippagh and Clara hill

Brendan O' Sullivan on his bagpipe a farewell to Eddie Murphy did play
Before the hearse carried him to St Mary's where his last remains now lay
One who was loved by many and though the gift of life from him has gone
Good memories of the man he was in all who knew him will live on.

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