Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fr Joe Murphy

Sixty six years a catholic priest many of them spent in Nebraska in the U S of A
Sad news out of Millstreet Co Cork Fr Joe Murphy has passed away
In the old cemetery at the Town's West End his last remains lay
Near where he first looked on the bright lamp of day

As human life goes his was a lengthy span
And it can be said of Fr Joe that he was a good man
The World better for him living in it in truth of him one can say
And respect to his memory one only can pay

In his long lifetime he always planted karma's good seed
And of more of his kind the Human World is in need
He lived by his conscience tried to help everyone
His late father and mother in him did raise a good son

For all of us from life there is a final release
Near his first home Fr Joe Murphy is now at peace
And though the gift of life from his body has gone
Good memories of the great man he was will live on.

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