Sunday, May 25, 2014

Edwin Muir

In the literary history of Orkney Island one worthy of note
The great writer Edwin Muir was a legendary poet
The people of Orkney claim him for their own
Even in his own lifetime through his poetry he became famous and known
Though long deceased the fame of the great Orcadian poet is living today
That true greatness does outlive bodily death it has always been this way
One of the reasons that he is quite popular and remains widely known
Is that Edwin Muir in his poetry  wrote in a style of his own
One of the poets to bridge the gap between modern poetry and rhyme
Edwin Muir one of the great poets of his time
Such beautiful poems came from the pen in his hand
He wrote in a style quite easy to understand
In Orkney the once home to the Picts he first saw light of day
To the summit of fame he made it the hard way.

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