Monday, May 12, 2014

On Julia Murphy's One Hundred Birthday

Two World wars have been fought since Julia Murphy of Gortavehy life's journey began
A century of living in time is quite a long span
Images of her on the Millstreet Website by Sean Radley with her friends and her son Donie quite amazing to see
And he in his late sixties of an age quite similar to me

Julia was in her early fifties when i was a teenage boy
Such a happy, healthy and long lived life so few known to enjoy
Sean Radley is right when he wrote of her one hundred years young
The praises of Julia Murphy deserve to be sung

It is a known fact and fact does not lie
That us humans like all other life forms are born to die
Perhaps the gift of life from all she went to school with by now has long gone
But Julia who reads without reading glasses is happily living on

It has been many Seasons since she was in her life's prime
But Julia is one who keeps smiling in the face of time
In her lifetime she has made and did farewell many a friend
And it may be awhile yet before her life's journey will end

To a small band of Worldwide centenarians she now does belong
Julia Murphy at one hundred does seem healthy and strong
She has lived through two World Wars since nineteen fourteen
And many changes in Gortavehy in her lifetime she has seen.

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