Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On The Passing Of John Joe Dineen

In Rathduane, Ballydaly, Rathmore and Millstreet Town never more to be seen
So sad to learn of the passing of John Joe Dineen
A likeable sort of character in his own way
Perhaps in his sixties he lived his last night and day

He will be missed from Rathduane where his journey in life began
The place where he grew from  a boy to a man
And in Ballydaly to all where he was well liked and known
They will grieve the passing of one of their own

I remember John Joe when he was in his prime
Though this is going back a few decades in time
With his young friends in Millstreet Town he enjoyed the pub cheer
On their weekend sessions of guinness and beer

Time becomes everyone's master as the wise one does say
The young people of the seventies and eighties are aging today
For on how long anyone does live there is no guarantee
The Reaper of lives too awaits you and me

Though his best years in life a few decades ago
He was not one meant for to grow old John Joe
He drew his last breath of life in the prime of the May
And in St Mary's by Cashman's Hill his last remains lay.

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