Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Guy Walters

Guy Walters in his fifty ninth year of life has passed away
The great Sydney race horse trainer has lived his last night and day
Horse racing fans, owners, jockeys and trainers in their words respect to him pay
Anyone of him does not have an unkind thing to say
Along with the greatest racehorse he trained the mighty 'Tie The Knot'
Guy Walters in thoroughbred racing will never be forgot
As an ultimate gentleman to all who knew him he was known
In his lifetime his friends in huge numbers had grown
Of a massive heart attack he died suddenly
At least of any further suffering he now is free
Guy may not have enjoyed a long life span
But he will be remembered as a true gentleman
Sad to learn the life journey has come to an end
Of a man who in his fifty nine years had made many a friend.

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