Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ian Fairweather

In the Bridge Of Allan in Scotland Ian Fairweather's life's journey began
He went to war in France when he was a young man
Captured by the Germans spent a term in Earthly Hell
Of a struggle free life he did not have to tell

As a young man Ian Fairweather traveled far and wide
In Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia when good health and time was on his side
He became a great artist his paintings valuable and quite famous today
In the top galleries in big Cities of the World they are on display

At sixty Ian Fairweather sailed from Darwin to Indonesia in a self made raft
In an act of sheer bravery that to some seemed daft
But in his case it was fortune favors the brave
He made it to Indonesia his was not to be a watery grave

In Bribie Island in Australia where he grew old and gray
The adventurer and great artist Ian Fairweather lived his last night and day
Far from the Bridge Of Allan where his amazing life's journey began
Ian Fairweather was quite a remarkable man.

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