Monday, May 26, 2014

Mick Casey And The Maple Ballroom

Although a fading memory it remains as a source of joy
Mick Casey owned the Maple Ballroom when i was a young boy
As the first Ballroom in Millstreet Town it became known far and wide
Far beyond the borders of the Duhallow countryside

A slightly built wiry looking gray haired fellow long before i reached my prime
Mick Casey was a carpenter and builder one ahead of his time
As a master builder of new homes he became widely known
The seeds of things of beauty in his brilliant mind was sown

But in the building of the Maple Ballroom at Pound Hill he knew of widespread fame
In such a marvelous project Mick lived up to his name
Of one of the nineteen fifties who foresaw changing times ahead
He may be one of  Millstreet's long deceased but his legacy not dead

Of Mick Casey and the Maple Ballroom fond memories live today
In those who found love whilst dancing there though time has left them gray
Some of them grow old in Duhallow and some have aged from there further away
In Countries such as Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the U S of A

But good memories are slow to die like the last leaves of the Fall
And Mick Casey is a fellow today they do recall
And his Ballroom known as the Maple where they often danced their cares away
Though time takes care of everything as the wise one did say.

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