Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Noreen's Seventieth Birthday

To her sons Den Joe and Conleth a good mother and to Jerry Murphy a devoted wife
May the twenty eight Noreen Duggan Murphy's birthday a milestone in her life
To her parents a good daughter if alive they would feel proud of her today
Noreen our sister is a good person and she will always be this way

In Claraghatlea where we were born into adults we did grow
Noreen led by good example she did have the inner glow
She has lived through times of sadness yet never heard her once complain
It truly can be said of Noreen that Millstreet's loss is Farnanes gain

We have lived through many Seasons since we were in our life's prime
I have not seen her for twenty eight years this is going way back in time
Just to have her as a sister is a gift from life indeed
She was always there to help me when of help i was in need

One who has the gift of kindness she never finds it hard to smile
Noreen of empathy and compassion is free of conceit and guile
Can only visualize her as a young person cannot imagine her as old
In her younger years she was quite pretty and lovely to behold

On Wednesday  May the twenty eight in the year of twenty fourteen
She celebrated her seventieth birthday the beautiful soul Noreen
Since we lived as children and in our prime years in Claraghatlea decades ago
We have seen a lot of Seasons and time has become our foe.

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