Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Young Camperdown Beauty

Of wavy brunette shoulder length hair and eyes of light brown
The tall and beautiful young beauty of Camperdown
Is traveling and working in the big World out there
It is rumored she now is in coastal North Queensland somewhere
Now in her early twenties near the prime of her life 
She has no plans to marry and become some man 's wife
In her school going years she daydreamed of places far away
In Camperdown one destined not for to stay
One not destined in her Hometown to fall in love, marry and have children and grow old and gray
A few young males in Camperdown feel disappointed today
Any of them did not succeed in wooing her though for her each of them made a play
In disappointment and love ache for unrequited love the price for to pay
The young Camperdown beauty quite close to her life's prime
Is somewhere in North Queensland enjoying a good time.

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