Monday, May 12, 2014

What Have I Done For Rhyme

I have been penning stuff since nineteen seventy three
And of the rhyming bug i may never be free
But a rhymer at best is the best i can be
What have i done for rhyme what has rhyme done for me?

Addicted to rhyming i do seem this way
And i add to my thousands of rhymes every day
The rhymes that come to me on notebook i jot down
But never for money or rhyming renown

For penning thousands of rhymes credit hardly my due
Since anybody can write rhyme happens to be true
But i do enjoy rhyming the reason i do rhyme on
Though my best days in life in the forever gone

And though my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
There are so many things for to write rhymes about
A magpie is warbling on a wattle tree
And a magpie lark in the park he is singing pee wee

If i said i would quit rhyming this would be a lie
Suppose i will be doing it till the day i do die
Only in death of the rhyming bug i will be free
What have i done for rhyme what has rhyme doe for me?

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