Thursday, May 4, 2017

Big Billy

Big Billy a big man with little to say
But not the type one with mind games ought to play
He is not a bully and all bullies he hate
And all of those who are bullied look to him as a mate

With a huge mop of black hair and a bushy black beard
Big Billy a big man who by local bullies is feared
A barrel chested fellow broad shouldered and tall
Beside him other local big men do look rather small

Single with a casual girl friend but without a partner or wife
In his twenty sixth year in the prime of his life
As a member of any grouping or club he is one who is not known
When in the local pub he always does drink on his own

Since he is one who would never deliberately harm anyone
His mum and his dad in him raised a good son
But having this said he is one not to be pushed around
And anyone who has challenged him has quickly hit the ground

He is not a fan of any sports and this includes football
This colossus of a man who is broad shouldered and tall
Yet despite his fearsome appearance he is compassionate and kind
And to help anyone who is in need of helping he is always readily inclined.

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