Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mary Flaherty

Such sad news out of Ballydaly on this morning in May
The beautiful Mary Flaherty from life has passed away
As a Murphy of Ballydaly she began her journey in life
Before she met her life partner Michael Flaherty and became his wife

A woman of great beauty without guile or conceit
The charming Mary Flaherty was always a joy to meet
One loved by her family and the friends she had made over the years
In St Mary's Cemetery by Cashman's Hill she was farewelled in tears

Though the life from her mortal body has gone
In all who knew and knew of Mary she is living on
People like her to live as better people others inspire
She was one who was so easy to admire

And surely the praises deserve to be sung
Of Ballydaly's finest when i was young
For she was quite beautiful in her life's prime
But beauty does always fall victim to time

For all of us there is a last night and day
But for her passing Ballydaly all of the poorer one can say
In her lifetime her friends in numbers had grown
And in Ballydaly they mourn for the passing of one of their own

The heart that beat with kindness forever is still
In the quiet of St Mary's by Cashman's old hill
Hope her parting from life was a painless release
The beautiful Mary Flaherty she now is at peace.

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