Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Big Joe

His great grand dad was a Blueshirt the big fellow Joe
In the post Irish civil war years in Ireland long ago
Though the Army Comrades Association known as the Blueshirts were formed out of Government provocation there can be little doubt
War and civil war often causes years of unrest and trouble between factions often breaks out

When the Blueshirts were finally disbanded their leader a former founder member one with war in the brain
Eoin O' Duffy went off to fight on the side of Franco in the civil war in Spain
Eoin in history does not go down as a man who loved peace
For his pent up anger in war he found release

Though Big Joe has never been to Ireland about Irish history a lot he does know
He believes that post civil war faction anger in Countries does grow
Eoin O' Duffy his sacking by the Government to an angry faction gave rise
That Government political nepotism and harassment of their opponents can lead to big trouble is not any surprise

Big Joe the great grandson of an Irish Blueshirt of his heritage feels proud
And true to his genes he is one not easily cowed
In his mid twenties and one of the strong young men of the town
Though not a troublemaker from trouble not one to back down.

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