Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Every Town

Every town has a sports hero or heroine that the local people celebrate
One who has brought to the town honor as a renowned sporting great
And every town has a war hero who died bravely under gunfire
It is often said of heroes that others to be heroes they do inspire
Every town has a great leader that has become famous and widely known
The locals always refer to this person as he or she as one of our own
Every town has wealthy people that are looked up to and admired
Of singing the praises of the materially successful some never seem to grow tired
In every Country in the World in every big and little town
There are people who are honored with the distinguished title of renown
But in every town there are people that none do not wish to know about
The hungry and poor and the homeless and the financially down and out
And every town does have it's criminals some in prison and some out on bail
They are not looked on as an asset those who do spend time in jail.

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