Friday, May 12, 2017

Illowa In May

On the last month of the southern Fall the second day of May
The sun at times does shine through it's cloud cover of gray
After recent rain the paddocks of Illowa looking healthy and green
In Nature on all Seasons great beauty to be seen
Nature is at her finest in Illowa today
From here Earthly Utopia cannot be far away
The beauty born of Nature does never fail to please
The cattle quite contented lay chewing their cuds at ease
Illowa between the City of Warrnambool and historical Koroit Town
Of the beautiful coastal Moyne shire a gem in the crown
It has it's natural beauty at all times of the year
The warbling of the magpies always a joy to hear
For to describe such beauty i do not have words to say
You will not find any finer than Illowa in May.

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