Monday, May 1, 2017

Mrs Kadge's Son

Mrs Kadge feels so proud of her son Ed
A framed picture of him and her husband Andy hanging over her bed
Taken on his graduation day going back five years or so
In real time this does not seem that long ago

In his monthly phone call to her Ed who lives in a far away town
Tells her he is a medical doctor helping people in health feeling down
To her neighbors on her son she does heap praise
And often tells them of what a good boy she and his late father did raise

But on his phone calls to her Ed never mentions that he is in jail
As one of those that the test of lawful living did fail
For drug trafficking serving six years of prison time
Which is looked on as a serious federal crime

The only truth she knows of him is that he lives far away
But he never tells her he is in jail today
If she knew he was in prison she would feel mortified
The reason from her that the truth he does hide

Mrs Kadge of her son Ed does feel rather proud
And in public feels happy to sing his praises loud
But she would not be in the mood for boasting if she knew where he is today
What we do not know does not bother us as the wise one does say.

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