Sunday, May 14, 2017

Only A Few

Not every writer recognized as a novelist or a journalist or a playwright or poet
And only a few become famous and are lauded as of literary note
But most writers yearn for recognition and of being famous one day
Everyone need some dream to cling to for to keep low self esteem at bay

Only a few grow financially well off from writing and as writers become widely known
Though most towns and local communities have local writers to claim as their own
In the World are millions of writers but only a minority for their writing ever receive pay
But this is how it is and always was and it will always be this way

The love of writing in every writer is something that comes from within
And every wealthy and famous writer as a local writer did begin
In life there are winners and losers this is how it is and always will be
But why some good writers never become well known does seem rather puzzling to me

It is often said about writers that their sort are born not made
But every writer of every genre is needed to keep alive the wordsmith trade
Not every writer is destined to be famous though most writers do dream of fame
That from writing they will become wealthy and their's will be a great literary name.

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