Thursday, May 11, 2017

Some People Carry Their Grudges

Some people carry their grudges for as long as they live
They do not have it in them the gift to forgive
Though they have not been sinned against in a bad way
They will hang on to their grudges till their lives final day

Whilst others can forgive and with living their lives carry on
Without feeling bitter about what has been and gone
For harboring grudges they are not of that kind
They will not allow hatred for to enter their mind

Those who can forgive one can only admire
For harboring grudges they feel no desire
Even for those who have deliberately brought on them woe
They have no wish to live their lives treating them as a foe

For those who harbor resentment one can only feel sympathy
Since they lack in compassion as well as empathy
Those who hate often do commit a serious crime
And spend years of their lives serving prison time

Those who can forgive have a great gift indeed
For future good karma for themselves they are planting the seed
They are not willing for years for to harbor a grudge
And they never set themselves up to be anyone's judge.

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