Wednesday, May 24, 2017

That Only The Good Die Young

That only the good die young is surely a lie
For good and bad people at anytime of their lives can die
Do not know or cannot say how this saying came about
But it's relationship to the truth does not go without doubt

The young terrorist died in a shootout with the police
In death he found what he could not find in life peace
His praises most surely does not deserve to be sung
A bad person who was destined to die young

Mother Therese a champion of people in dire poverty
In her acts of compassion and kindness made her own history
The founding member of the Sisters of Charity she died old and gray
That only the good do die young of her one could not say

That the good do die young is not true all of the time
It does not apply to those who murder people a most serious crime
Good people die old and good people die young
And the praises of every good person deserve to be sung.

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