Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Difference Quite Distinct

The difference quite distinct between a bull and a cow
And the same can be said of a boar and a sow
And most of us humans quite distinct from each other in a distinctive way
This only does seem quite a true thing to say
Most of us humans look different in physical appearance from each other no two quite the same
Two who are quite identical i for one cannot name
Even the difference between animals and birds of the same species one often can tell
On her creating of individual difference Mother Nature seems to do well
Even apart from physical appearance most humans are different in thinking it does seem
As well as in personality that can stem from individual sense of self esteem
Some are arrogant and cocky and some in their ways are shy
Why we are so very different even in our personalities one must wonder why
But then we would be quite boring for want of a better name
If we all looked alike and in our thinking thought the same.

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