Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We Breathe The Same Air

We all live in the same World and breathe the same air
Though life as we know on everyone is not fair
So many are born into bad circumstance
And of any success in life does stand little chance

Yet that everyone is equal only true for to say
In that for us all there is a last night and day
The one who makes equal the great and the small
To the scythe of life's reaper the wealthy and famous must fall

In a World where there is no shortage of fish, bread, milk and meat
None should have to go hungry without food to eat
And everybody should have a nice home to live in
But sadly everyone has not been born to win

It is so sad to think and not at all right
That millions of homeless people are sleeping rough tonight
The people whose praises none ever does sing
For to live hungry, poor and homeless must be a horrible thing

In some ways we all are equal since we breathe the same air
Though for those born into disadvantage life is not fair
But that eventually we all become equals is not a lie
Since we are born as mortals and mortals do die.

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