Thursday, February 21, 2013


Goodbye to Claraghatlea in view of Claramore
And to every town, city and village i have lived in before
Coming to live in Koroit in Victoria's south west
On our journeys in life for all many a test

Goodbye to the people i will never more meet
In every town i have lived in since i left Millstreet
Some of them my friends though them i may not meet again
Though good memories of them are mine to retain

The memories are with us though the  past it has gone
Of faces and places when in life we move on
Of people we liked we may never more see
With those who say to this such is life  i for one must agree

In our journeys in life for our mistakes we pay
Goodbye to the past and to every yesterday
Not everyone we do meet will become a friend
As we go on our way on to our journey's end.

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