Friday, February 22, 2013

Brendan O Sullivan

From Rathduane in Ballydaly Brendan  Sullivan for Ireland is flying the flag
An Olympic bronze medal for floorball is surely worthy of a brag
A son of Margaret and Tom and of the late Jerome the Yank a grandson
The first in Duhallow an Olympic medal in floorball to have won

One not found  to be  wanting when put to the test
With success he competed against the World's best
In the prime of his life and full of youthful elan
The dashing young Brendan is a mighty man

In Humphrey Hickey's Bush Bar in Millstreet Town
A huge celebration for the man who knows of the feel of renown
For Brendan the plaudits were many and the applause was loud
His mum and his dad of him must feel so proud

On behalf of L T V and the Millstreet Website
Sean Radley was there for to report of and to write
Of the young man from Ballydaly who wears the mantle of fame
As a hero for Ireland in the World Floorball game

Since in sports his has become quite a famous name
Life for young Brendan O Sullivan will never again be the same
In future years a sporting memory from February 2013 for Duhallow sports fans to recall
Of one of their own a hero of the World game of Floorball.

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