Saturday, October 6, 2012

On Forcible Deportation

He was forcibly deported from Millstreet in County Cork
To want a better life for himself and his wife and young children was his only crime
In twenty first century Ireland this seems all wrong to me
A hark back sad to say to Oliver Cromwell's time

When poor people from their homes were evicted forcibly
On to the roadway for  to die or struggle to survive
Cromwell justifiably to many seen as an evil man
Since their human rights of people he chose to deprive

In any Country's Constitution there is not any written law
That any man is  not entitled to a better life
 A decent job and a  home to live in where he can feel secure
With his nearest and his dearest his children and  his wife

In Ireland there is a new movement called Anti Forcible Deportation
Of such a grouping one might say the World is in need
That any good person should be forcibly removed from his family to me does seem quite wrong
For the  displaced it is a sad World to live in so very sad indeed.

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