Monday, November 24, 2014

On Millstreet's Munster Semi Final Loss To Brosna

To lose to Kerry's best with honour in any grade of gaelic football is never a disgrace
And though for Millstreet in the Munster junior club final there will not be a place
Their fans and players will remember the year of twenty fourteen
For it was a great year for the gold and the green

A Duhallow and a Cork County Championship in any grade of gaelic football
One can say in gaelic games for any club a good year over-all
And though in the Munster semi final to Brosna by five points they went down
They have brought some sporting honour to old Millstreet Town

And though a sporting success can be good for a town's esteem
Sport can be a diversion from the reality of living it does seem
But suppose in Ireland with many out of work and the economy not doing well of late
People do need something in their lives for to celebrate

And though losing is a thing anyone does not choose
In sports as in life for one for to win someone else has to lose
Though Millstreet did not go down without a fight we are told
Which does bring back memories of the Millstreet of old

A five point win to Brosna over Millstreet in Brosna did not leave any room for doubt
That the far better team on the day did win out
But for the Millstreet Club in gaelic football it was a memorable year
And one does have a feeling that of more of them we will hear.

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