Wednesday, February 11, 2015

John Twomey Of Laharn

I have heard through the grapevine that he is doing okay
John Twomey of Laharn for the Aubane Gaelic Football Club he used to play
When he was a younger man in his life's prime
Before the Aubane Club fell victim to the passing of time

John Twomey the fellow who does laugh at life
I hear he has school going children and a wife
To support on his farm in the shadows of Mushera above Millstreet Town
Where the undulating road to Kilcorney does wind up and down

News out of Millstreet does travel far beyond every Millstreet Town pub
It is said John is a committee member of Mushera's St John's Gaelic Football Club
I would like to bet if St John's win or lose he would have a smile on his face
For laughter in his life there is always a place

One never short of a good yarn for to tell
John Twomey of Laharn i hear is fit and well
I remember him as dark haired and handsome and full of youthful elan
Though it has been a while since he was a young man

I remember when the three Twomey brothers Donal, Jerry and John for Aubane lined out to play
Though this is going back in time many a day
The youngest of the brothers John never took it to heart when Aubane were beat
With a smile on his face he accepted defeat.

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