Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pat Joe Kelleher

One of the nicest of people of old Millstreet Town
To live as a compassionate and good person his claim to renown
In his lifetime Pat Joe Kelleher made many a friend
Good memories of him will not die at his life's journey's end

Devoted to his son and daughter and to Kathleen his good wife
Pat Joe Kelleher in time was granted a long life
One who did so much good in his given time span
And who lived his life as an honourable man

He worked in Mary Cronin's shop on Main Street Millstreet Town for many years
And his passing from life would not have gone without tears
Pat Joe always did have a great smile on his face
His kind has helped to make Millstreet such a welcoming place

In Duhallow Pat Joe was well liked and well known
And in his lifetime of Many Seasons his friends in numbers had grown
Truly a people's person of him one can say
About him he did have an endearing way

His funeral for Millstreet was such a sad day
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's his last remains lay
He did pass from life without having a foe
The Human World is in need of far more like Pat Joe.

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