Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It Is Said About Poets

It is said about poets that their sort are few
But this in itself is not anything new
And though many feel proud to call themselves a poet
So few seen to be worthy of literary note
Your fame as a writer may not have traveled far
But suppose you are a poet if you think that you are
We are what we think we are in many instances true
Though some never receive the credit that they are due
Though every writer needed in the wordsmith trade
It is said about poets that they are born not made
So few writers ever know of wealth and fame
Though many do dream of becoming a great literary name
But if you say you are a poet then a poet you must be
Though with what you say on this many may not agree.

We Belong To Nature

We belong to Nature in truth one can say
And to the Earth that supports us we will return one day
Your genes in your descendants when life's breath from you has gone
But Nature is forever and forever lives on
On the ladder of success you may have climbed far
But you are not as important as you think you are
The Reaper of lives will treat you as the same
As the person who does not have money and fame
On some evening, night or morning or day
The one known as Life's Reaper will come reaping your way
Mortality for mortals is a fact and fact never lie
And like the poorest of the poor you too are going to die
And whether we are buried or to ashes do burn
We belong to Nature and to her we return.

Mother Earth The One

Mother Earth the one who does support us respect to her from us overdue
If we cannot respect the one who does feed us to our own selves we cannot be true
The one who supports all life forms supports us for as long as we live
We take and we keep taking from her and in return to her little give
For human greed she is exploited by greedy developers whose workers cut old growth trees down
To make way for a shopping center or big factory in the expanding industrial town
More species of wildlife endangered every day for every new millionaire
Because of tree clearing and land development more animals and birds becoming rare
Planet Earth is for us for to live in and with other life forms for to share
But sad to say far too few people who are environmentally aware
The wealthy and famous are in the news often and many admirers for themselves have won
Though many of them are quite greedy And great damage to Mother Earth have done
She is the one who does support us by supplying us with our every need
But many of her life forms in danger of extinction as a result in part of human greed.

Monday, May 22, 2017

They Call This Murphy's Law

Life for you it is not kind you keep drawing the short straw
Another unpleasant no luck day they call this Murphy's Law
The factory you worked in with the liquidator from them you have drawn your last pay
It has been awhile since the lady of luck has been smiling your way
With a wife and three young children to support and luck not on your side
Any welfare from the government will not do anything for your sense of pride
Tomorrow you begin your search for a job start in a town where jobs are few
But life's trials and tribulations to you are nothing new
When luck it is not with you in life it is hard to win
And the will to battle on against the odds it does come from within
More bad news for you today to take home to your wife
All you can do is live in hope for better things in life
Once again luck not on your side you have drawn the short straw
More bad news for you today they call this Murphy's Law.

The Young Men Of The Sixties

The young men of the sixties where are they today
Some of them forever in cemeteries lay
Some of them looking wrinkled and showing time's decay
Some of them grand or great grandparents and some of them single and childless did stay
Some of them with their one true love for life
And some of them divorced with their second or third wife
Many years beyond their physical prime
We all eventually become victims of time
And as is said of time for anyone it does not wait
And hope is for the better with those in hope who keep faith
The young men of the sixties their best years long gone
And their children are aging and time is ticking on
Some growing old in their hometowns and some growing old far away
And some forever at rest where dead people lay.

Warrnambool's Greatest Sculptor

Ross Altmann is Warrnambool's greatest sculptor his sculpting are on display far and wide
He is not a fellow into self promotion though in his work he is one who takes pride
His stone sculpting to say the least amazing and any of his sculpting not exactly the same
A man devoted to his natural talents he has worked hard for to make for himself a name
Not a member of any group of artists though as a sculptor he is widely known
The best at what he does in Warrnambool and the Moyne Shire one can say of him in a class of his own
He is never seen at any artists parties and his own praises he never does sing
Big Ross he is a humble quiet achiever and true to himself one who does his own thing
A muscular tall and broad shouldered fellow in his fifties one few has ever seen in a suit and tie
Honest and honorable in his ways and always truthful he would not know how for to tell a lie
He does not need to boast his marvelous stone sculpting says more of him than words could ever say
He is not one for to rest on his laurels he works hard at his creations every day
Ross Altmann is Warrnambool's greatest sculptor yet he is one who is free of conceit
He does not need to boast his work speaks for him and a more humble man one could not wish to meet.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Though You Are Not Famous And Wealthy

Though you are not famous and wealthy and seen as a financial success
You are one of the town's more honorable people since others you have no wish to impress
You help anyone in need of your help and you live as generous and kind
And for to seek the plaudits of others you will never be that way inclined
One of the town's quiet achievers your praises others never sing
You are one who likes helping others and self promotion is not your thing
Your type of person worth admiring since for others you genuinely do care
The World needs more people like you with kindness and love for to share
In people like you there is hope for humanity in your words you never put anyone down
A credit to your mother and father and an asset to your side of the town
So humble and so unassuming but having said this sad to say
That down to earth unpretentious people are not the heroines and heroes of today
But the good not into self promotion since goodness only comes from within
And you carry on as you are doing making the Human World better to live in.