Thursday, June 21, 2018

Birds I See Every Day

Magpies and red wattlebirds i often see
As well as magpie larks also known as pee wee
The introduced goldfinches, blackbirds, starlings and sparrows are familiar to me
As creatures of Nature they live wild and free
Birds that nest on trees and find their food on the ground
Near where i live straw necked and white ibis and white faced herons in numbers abound
Willy wagtails, blue wrens and new holland honeyeaters to parks and gardens belong
Once seen and once heard one could never again get them wrong
In winter cattle egrets are birds i see every day
From the grazing herds of cattle they are never far away
The large ruminants as they graze flush small life forms with their feet
Frogs and grasshoppers to the taste buds of the egrets are sweet
Swamphens, moorhens, coots, gulls, wild duck and great egrets, grebes and cormorants from water never far away
These are just some of the birds i do see every day
As well as long billed corellas, swans, pelicans, rosellas, black cockatoo and tiny thornbill
And emus the big flightless birds of Tower Hill.

The Promotion Of Fear

In a political or a religious run State not that much difference it would appear
As they both base their power on the medium of fear
Keeping people fearful assures them of staying in command
The reason for this not hard to understand
Fear of being murdered by a bomber or of your soul going to hell
Two well promoted fears that always seem to work well
For political and religious leaders promotiing fear seems to pay
Fear of god and terrorism we hear of every day
As if following their advice our spot in heaven and freedom of terrorism would be a guarantee
Some people are quite naive and gullible is how it seems to be
By political and religious leaders their promotion of fear is over abused
To maintain their grip on power such verbal tactics by them used
Fear of god and bad people capable of heinous crime
With their gullible followers seem to work everytime.

Yesterday's Stranger

People are as you find them as the wise one does say
And yesterday's stranger may be your friend today
Far out in the countryside your car has broken down
A passing stranger came to your assistance and drove you into town
And yesterday's stranger is your today's best friend
When you were in trouble one you did not know assistance did lend
Others passed by without stopping as you stood by your broken down car
As is said when you are in trouble you know who your friends are
It is true that life does work in the strangest way
Yesterday's stranger is your best friend today
Your mobile phone out of charge and your car broken down
A passing kindly stranger came to your assistance and drove you into town
A generous stranger who for payment in money did not wish to be paid
In your time of need had come to your aid.

The Fact Of The Matter

For you and me and everyone a last sunrise
As we are born as mortals this much we realize
And all mortals are born eventually for to die
For the cow and the sheep the same for you and i
The average human life span of years is three score and ten
Though women on average live a few years longer than men
The Reaper of lives claims the lives of young and old and of those in their lives prime
And can call on anyone at anytime
Though you may be one others may not forget
For you too there will be a last sunset
Each dawn to our last dawn brings us one day more near
So many will not see the birth of next year
The fact of the matter and fact never lie
Is the longer we live the sooner we will die.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Though Most People

Though most people can tell apart a currawong from a crow
So little of Nature's ways most can claim for to know
But we learn as we live something new every day
Life is a learning experience it does seem this way
So little we do know of Nature indeed
Even experts on marine life do not know where the blue whales do breed
Despite the aid of twenty first century technology they still cannot say
On what ocean the World's largest mammal does breed today
Nature is one who has ways of her own
And her many secrets to humans will never be known
And the more we learn of  her the more we realize
That of her we know little this not a surprise
Though most people can tell a rabbit from a hare
Those who know a lot about Nature are to say the least rare.

The Last Rose Of Autumn

Resplendent in Summer with red flowers on her clothes
The queen of the graden has lost her last rose
On the petals of her last rose the ground insects does feed
That in Nature nothing is wasted seems so true indeed
On the birth and death of beauty Nature has her say
This is how it is and it will always be this way
In the Southern land a cool Winter's day
Quite typical June weather looking cloudy and gray
The rose tree of the garden is looking quite bare
Cloaked in her roses of Summer she possessed beauty rare
But by mid Spring new rose buds on her branches will show
And into beautiful roses in a few weeks will grow
The petals of Autumn's last rose are going to decay
And what is for the rose will be for me one day.

Perhaps I May Never Again See Duhallow

Perhaps i may never again see Duhallow
I left there years ago my life's dreams for to follow
On a gray day in an afternoon of early December
It was cold wet and windy as i do remember

The last brown leaves of the year from their deciduous trees falling
As i went off to follow the wanderlust's calling
The rain drizzling down from a sky heavily clouded
And the Boggeraghs from view by the gray fogs were shrouded

Cold wind through Duhallow from Sliabh Luachra blowing
And the Blackwater bank high in the old fields was flowing
On through north Cork as ever in motion
On it's long winding journey to the Atlantic ocean

The ties that had bound me i had chosen to sever
And the past it has gone it is in the forever
I left old Duhallow in wintery weather
When the hare had come down from the bracken and heather

The cattle in the farmyard sheds for fodder did bellow
A memory of leaving in a foreign bound fellow
To the lust of the wander i did not have the strength of resistance
I do envy the stay at home happy in their sedentary existence

I left the old fields though memories of them me did follow
And in reality i may never more see Duhallow
Rain drizzling from the gray clouds today i remember
That cold, windy and wet day in early December.