Friday, May 25, 2018

A Stranger To Everyone

Lost in the big town his English not good
Struggling when he is speaking for to be understood
So few can help you when they do not know what you are speaking about
With his sort of a problem most people would be happy to be without
The language barrier always gets in the way
When people struggle to understand to them what you have to say
Few who can speak his language here he can hope to meet
Not one familiar accent to him on any street
His accent and language none can understand
Life can be tough on the migrant from a far off Land
Who cannot speak the language and struggles to communicate
Language a communicative barrier between people create
A migrant far from home and in mood feeling down
And a stranger to everyone in the big town.

Of The What Used To Be

I may never walk on the old fields again
Or see Clara half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain
And in Spring see tadpoles wriggling in the waterlogged drain
Only memories of what was with me now remain
The scream of a barn owl in the still air of night
That has rats and mice scurrying for cover in fright
Where i grew to love Nature from here far away
And of her i remain a student today
Her wonders are many and her secrets not few
And everyday of Nature we learn something new
Yet the more i learn of her the more i realize
That of her i know little this not a surprise
I left the old fields some of the bigger World for to see
And all i have left are the memories of the what used to be.

Old Garrett

Of his travels he has many stories and tales
Old Garrett whose life's journey began in Cardiff in Wales
At a young age the wanderlust in him for the World out there to be seen
He said goodbye to his mum and dad and his younger brother Glen when he turned nineteen
Nothing nostalgic in Garrett he says the World is his home
He has seen much of Europe been to Berlin, London, Paris and Rome
Travelled in many Countries in South Africa worked for a few years in Capetown
When he was in his prime years and his hair was chestnut brown
Of his years of travelling he talks about today
In Canada and South America and in the U S of A
Been to Moscow and Delhi and Beijing  and travelled in Japan
Garrett in his late seventies is a well travelled man
He does not know if any of his love affairs did bring children though he never had a wife
And somewhere in Australia he may live out his life.

Those You Wish To Forget

Though them you wish you never had met
Them it does seem you will never forget
For as long as in the World you do live
Though them over time you have come to forgive

And just like the good person you really are
For them you do not take your dislike too far
Since dislike can lead to hatred and hatred can lead to serious crime
That culminates for the offender in years of prison time

Not everyone you have known to you have been kind
Some to take advantage of you were all too inclined
Few live a lifetime without making some foes
For many this is how l;ife works one has to suppose

Since you never does take your dislike of anyone too far
Feel proud of the person that you really are
In life we remember with fondness kind people we have met
And then there are those  you wish you could forget.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

An Unpredictable Thing

Life can be an unpredictable thing
Who is to say what tomorrow will bring
One of the poor of the town yesterday
Last night lady luck she did come his way
The lucky fellow his luck was in
In tattslotto he did have a huge jackpot win
Yesterday from struggling financially to an overnight millionaire
He has become one of the lucky rare
Yesterday his buying a lotto ticket proved well worth his while
Today he is one who has reason to smile
Though poor financially with hope he kept faith
Everything does come to those who do wait
Yesterday the lady of luck she was smiling his way
He has no financial worries today.

Not Every

Not every good man who lives a good and moral life
Is lucky enough for to have a good wife
And not every good woman is married to a good man
Not all things in love and life does go to plan
Even the near to perfect couple are in minority
Perfection it is not for humanity
And love like a flower that comes to bloom quickly is as quick to decay
So few madly in love for long periods of time in love does stay
Some people go through life without knowing love at all
And of love happy or painful memories do not have to recall
Suppose one could say they are lucky in a way
That the sad memory of a love's disappointment is not with them today
Not every good woman and man have a good husband or wife
But then there are some disappointments in life.

Puffed Head

A young stud of the town is how he does feel
Though to many local young women he does not appeal
His own praises he is one who does love to sing
But then as is said youth must have it's fling

In his early twenties near his physical prime
He too will be tamed by the one known as time
It takes only a few silly women a big ego to create
They have an egotistical young bloke feeling he is a great

Any semblance of humility in him is long dead
He does live up to his nickname of Puffed Head
But sad to say young men of his sort not rare
Every town of them does have it's own share

Of his sexual prowess he does love to brag
For boasting he does help to carry the flag
But most local young women not attracted to him in any sort of a way
You cannot win them all as the wise one does say.