Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kate Bago

In her early fifties Kate big Bill Bago's wife
She does have a face that is saddened from life
They had one offspring six years ago their son Dave
From a drug overdose went to an early grave
In Kate's light brown hair there are some strands of gray
And clearly she has known of a better day
The death of her son to her a terrible loss
In life she has been burdened with a heavy cross
Her husband Bill  with his mates of the local football team's fan club
After work he spends a few hours drinking at the local pub
And she sits at home alone watching t v
How lonely and sad for some life seems to be
For her years slim and attractive there can be little doubt
But in her life she has much for to feel sad about.

Goldfinches Are Singing In Illowa Today

Just hearing them singing in the backyard today
Their twittering songs take me to a place far away
In groves of Duhallow in Summer's prime
Their kin birds i heard singing many a time
Of red around faces, fawn unders and backs and wing tips of gold
Small twittering songbirds quite beautiful to behold
Quite unmistakeable in their appearance and song
Once seen and once heard you never again get them wrong
In Illowa in March in the Autumn sunshine
Goldfinches are singing favourite birds of mine
Their ancestors introduced from Europe to this land of the south
That they are quite beneficial as the eaters of seeds of noxious weeds there can be little doubt
The sun shining bright  in a sky blue and gray
And the goldfinches are singing in Illowa today.

It Does Speak Every Language

It does speak every language why otherwise pretend
The one with plenty of money is never short of a friend
That the poor have few friends only true for to say
Money speaks every language it is always this way
Those who are homeless and poor without a motor car
Are the people who truly know who their friends are
And though the friends of the wealthy in numbers may grow
Of who their friends are they will never know
There is only one thing worse than being wealthy and unhappy would you not agree
And that is to be unhappy and living in dire poverty
They will never have many friends as few wish to know of the financially down
The poor who do live on the poor side of the town
It is when you are very poor and cannot even afford a cheap old used car
That you come to know of who your true friends are.

How Great To Be Living

Make the most of your young years time ticks on and on
At the stroke of midnight today will have gone
And who is to know what tomorrow will bring
The future remains as an uncertain thing
The young person may expect to outlive an ageing one like me
But in life as is said there is no guarantee
The Reaper of lives may come reaping your way
And ignore the one who is ageing and gray
Children playing in the park playground enjoying their fun
And running about in the warm evening sun
Perhaps as happy now as they ever will be
Their laughter tells of them of cares they are free
In the warm winds of Autumn white butterflies play
How great to be living on such a nice day.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Of Nature

The years have left me ageing balding and gray
But of Nature i learn something new every day
Yes every day of her i learn something new
For to say this i am not one of a few
It is true of Nature she has ways of her own
And so much about her remains as unknown
Yet the more i learn of her the more i realize
That i know little of her this is not a surprise
Her Mother Earth is the one who does feed all
Every living creature from the great to the small
Us humans do depend on her for to live
Yet we take and take from her and in return to her little give
And of her i do learn something new every day
That we never stop learning it does seem this way.

Pink Eared Ducks

In flat coastal shallow lakes them sometimes you will see
Wild ducks not familiar to many and not familiar to me
With fleshy lobes under bill and pink around ears and overall brown mottled gray
Birds i know of and have seen but do not see every day

To be different in their looks and on their ways to others their main claim to fame
Pink eared ducks for them is their common name
Not trusting of humans and in their ways quite shy
At the approach of an animal or person they are quick to fly

On nest of down in log stump or bush over water the female bird lay
Five to eight eggs white to a pale gray
Their nesting sites they are quite good to disguise
Always well hidden from predators eyes

Though so little about them i can claim to know
My wonder of them only does seem to grow
Nomadic in their ways they do move around
But on lakes where they are seen in large numbers they often abound

Once seen them you never again could get wrong
To the dabbling duck family they do belong
Pretty to look at and nomadic in their way
For long periods in any one place they do not stay.

Only Comes From Within

For to make the World better to live in
With your own self you do have for to begin
To be kind to others it is never a sin
The power to do good only comes from within
Any favour done for anyone is never too small
Yes the power to do good it is in us all
For the kindness you show to others karma you will repay
What goes around comes around karma works in this way
Those who believe we should live for self only believe their own lie
They live in poverty of mind and in poverty of mind they will die
So many poor people in life doing it tough
And many of the privileged minority with money and material possessions far more than enough
With others their worldly possessions unwilling to share
And sadly the kind and compassionate are becoming more rare.