Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On Timor Street

On a Sunday in August in late Winter in the City of Warrnambool
The sun hidden in the gray sky on an evening calm and cool
On Timor Street i met an aging man walking with the aid of a walking frame
He seemed rather frail though happy just the same

One i know by sight and to say good day to but not by name
With very poor balance he walks rather lame
Of any sadness in his countenance there was not any trace
He stopped for a brief chat with a smile on his face

He said such a nice evening despite the sunless sky
And when i asked him had he far to walk he said i live nearby
Of anything i am one who never goes in need
I must have been born to be lucky quite lucky indeed

A pale gray haired man who doubtless does live with a lot of physical pain
Yet despite this he seems content and not one to complain
One could understand if to sadness he was inclined
It is true about happiness it can be a state of mind

On parting he smiled and wished me a good day
As along the quiet street he slowly shuffled on his way
One in life who feels he is lucky though he cannot walk aid free
As a person he is far greater than me.

Be Proud Of Who You Are

Up the social ladder you may not have climbed far
But you ought to feel proud of the person you are
Since you work hard and help those of your help in need
And for your future good karma always plant the good seed
One of the honest people in your side of the town
In your words you never do try to drag anyone down
You do live your life in an honorable way
And any unkind thing of others you never does say
An Olympic gold medal you will never win
But you help to make the World better to live in
By being kind to others those who give can expect to receive
On such a life philosophy i for one does believe
You are surely blessed with your god of the mind
Be proud of who you are one who is honest and kind.

Mark Ellis Of Millstreet

The red jersey of Cork with pride he does wear
Mark Ellis of Millstreet a great hurling player
The first of his club such an honor to achieve
The keys to his Hometown he ought to receive

Tall, athletic and stylish a great center half back
In courage and determination the big man does not lack
A handsome dark haired fellow in his physical prime
Men like him inspire the writers of song, story and rhyme

A player renowned for his stick craft and skill
And a hero in the Town in view of Clara Hill
In Cork only the best in the red jersey play
Mark Ellis to make it has had to do it the hard way

Many great players from Millstreet played senior Gaelic football for Cork in the past
Stylish Kevin Crowley to do so the latest but he will not be the last
Gaelic footballer from Millstreet to achieve the dream
Of becoming a playing member of the Cork senior football team

But Mark Ellis the first Millstreet player to play with Cork senior hurlers in Croke Park
This is indeed quite an achievement for the amazing Mark
Few years ago would believe that a hurler from Millstreet
Against the best in Ireland one day would compete.

Monday, August 21, 2017


Though you never hear him say that life is unfair
Luigi the old bloke with the silver hair
He is one of those who knows it quite tough
Most of his life's journey has been very rough

In the early nineteen sixties as a young man
He arrived in Melbourne from Distant Milan
With great dreams of a great life in the years ahead
But not all dreams turn into reality as has often been said

He met and fell in love with a beautiful young Australian woman Linda who had agreed to become his wife
But in his mid twenties he developed a mental illness the ruination of his life
Linda reneged on her promise to marry him by bad luck he was denied
On her leaving him any hope of love in his life was totally destroyed

Though he speaks English well some of his Italian accent he does retain
Poor Luigi will never see Milan again
In his mid seventies and sometimes feeling mentally unwell
He does not have many happy stories of his life for to tell

In a single room apartment flat he lives on his own
A nice man well liked by all those to whom he is known
One i do not see that often but whenever i do
He always does greet me with a good day to you.

I Only Have Memories

The clock on our lives ever ticking away
In time it only does seem like yesterday
Since to the fields of my young years i said goodbye
On looking back the Seasons how time seems to fly

Since then i have seen many years come and go
And times that rusts iron has become my foe
Though i have not walked in the old town for thirty one years
For the what used to be i have shed my last tears

People to life come and from life go for others to make way
But the timeless land that supports us will continue to support future generations centuries from today
Time that does not wait on anyone does keep ticking on fast
And each day we do live is one nearer to our last

But for as long as the gift of memory we retain
Mental images from the past with us does remain
Though few autobiographies or biographies published in book form to sell
Everybody have their own life stories to tell

Tomorrow will dawn and yesterday has gone
And the now we do live in and the clock does tick on
I only have memories of the what used to be
And time that rusts iron has left it's mark on me.

The Hypocrites

Some men who are known to lead materially successful lives
Are cruel to their children and cruel to their wives
They are not what they do appear for to be
Looks can be deceiving as most would agree

In public their false faces are on display
Their true selves from others well hidden away
Their wives and children know them better that their aspirational mates do
Those you live with are those who do really know you

Deceptive in their own quite deceptive way
They are just hypocrites of them in truth one can say
A false public image they do display
Far too many of their sort in the Human World of today

So many social climbers their sort does inspire
And so many of the aspirational them seem to admire
And though many so many they seem to impress
There is far more to any individual than material success

Among the very wealthy of their side of the town
To be financially succesful their claim to renown
Some of the men who are known to lead financially successful lives
But who are cruel to their children and cruel to their wives.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cobram In Spring

The wattle trees of Cobram wear their yellow blooms of Spring
And in the Town park the grey butcherbirds sing
And the crows and the magpies gathering sticks for their nest
In the old country Town in Victoria's south west
Cobram quite a beautiful and welcoming Town
With it's hospitable residents to add to it's renown
The Town gardens in Spring after the recent showers
With the fruit bearing trees resplendent in their pink and white flowers
When i was last in Cobram a few years back in time
In early September Spring was in it's prime
In the Town park the mud nesting magpie larks were singing pee wee
And a blackbird was piping on a blackwood tree
The memories of such beauty with me does remain
And i do hope for to visit Cobram again.