Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Try To Remain As True

To your own self try to remain as true
And always give credit to who it is due
And leave it to others your praises to sing
Though nowadays to many self praise an in thing
Though wealth and material success in life may come to you
It is not what you do for yourself but what for others you do
Is all that does matter at your life's journey's end
To many you are one who has been a good friend
To yourself always as true do remain
Out of others misfortune never try to seek gain
By helping anyone of helping in need
For your future good Karma you are planting the seed
They are not good people though admired in the town
Who on their way to the top have dragged others down..

It Followed Me Here

It followed me here from the bogs far away
And for as long as i live in my mind bound to stay
Above the brown bog on an evening in May
The song of the curlew is with me today
Curloo curloo as the sun is going down
In the quiet of the countryside by Millstreet Town
In the still evening air the soft lowing of a cow
In a rushy field by old River Finnow
And above the bog a voice of the sky
A male snipe above his territory does fly
With his wings and tail making a fast drumming like sound
As darkness does slowly envelop the ground
And of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
The song of the curlew has followe me south.

Poor Joe

Like the journeyman boxer often down but not counted out
By life poor Joe he has been battered about
A  hit and run driver in his mid twenties condemned him to life in a wheelchair
For some people life can seem very unfair

Forsaken by the woman who was to be his wife
With a crippled man she would not spend her life
Now in his mid forties living on his own
Of the down sides of life he is one who has known

On his electrical wheelchair on the flags of the street
He greets with a smile everyone he does meet
Not bitter with life in any sort of a way
He is an inspiring fellow of him one can say

Due to a hit and run driver he has been through suffering and pain
But Joe of his lot in life never complain
To have to live life as he does none would wish to or desire
But in him there is a whole pile to admire.

More Worthy To Admire

You yearn for material wealth and fame
That yours will become a widely known name
But you should only wish to live as a kinder woman or man
And as a person be good as you possibly can
Be for this is all that does matter at your life's journeys end
That to many you have been a very good friend
Some of the wealthy and very famous of the town
On their way to material success have dragged others down
Materially big but in other ways small
In some ways they are very poor after all
You can live your life as quite successful indeed
If you are willing to help those of helping in need
To be wealthy and famous many to do aspire
But the kind and compassionate  more worthy to admire.

Monday, April 16, 2018

On Seeing A Female Wedgetailed Eagle

Above the brown paddock she soar as she fly
The mighty brown monarch of the southern sky
A female wedgetailed eagle Australia's largest bird of prey
You only see her soaring on a calm and clear day
The female wedgetailed eagle than the male far larger among birders to discussion gives rise
But Nature has her reasons for everything one has to realize
On huge flat nest of sticks on fork of hight tree
The female lays large white reddish freckled eggs of one to three
The young fast to grow in the nest have a long stay
The bigger the bird the slower to fly this is Nature's way
On days of high winds or of a strong breeze
Wedgetailed eagles usually stay on the trees
This morning i see a female wedgetailed eagle soar and fly
High above the brown paddock in the calm and blue sky.

The Sight And Song Of A Greenfinch

Old memories die hard as the wise one does say
The sight and song of a greenfinch carries me far away
To groves and to fields i have not seen for years
For what used to be i have shed my last tears

Mostly olive green with a distinctive song
Once seen and once heard them you never again can get wrong
Often seen in town parks and in the countryside
From predators in bushes and trees they do hide

In cup shaped nest of twigs and grasses the duller looking female lay
Five or six pale eggs with brown spots through the gray
As a father and partner to help to raise his family the male does his very best
And when his partner is hatching he feeds her in the nest

The male greenfinch distinctive in his courtship display
He sings as he slowly flies in an undulating way
Introduced in Australia seed eating birds of ways of their own
To bird lovers greenfinches are very well known

Birds i see often though not every day
The sight and song of a greenfinch takes me far away
To the fields and groves of the long gone past
And only the memories of what was does last.

Some Tell You That You Receive From Life

Some tell you that you receive from life what is only your due
But this in itself it is not always true
The small creature of the wilderness with the weak voice
Was born to be preyed on in this it does not have a choice
With many human beings it is exactly the same
They were born into life to never know of wealth and fame
The vast majority of the homeless and hungry of the poor side of the town
Will die as they live as strangers to renown
The voices of the poor the government never heed
They infer that the Country of them is not in need
Why there are disadvantaged people in every Land
Should not be a hard thing for to understand
The small creature of the wilderness with the weak voice
Was born to be preyed on in this it does not have a choice.