Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thought Can Make A Fool Of Us

Many of the wealthy and famous to the ways of time have gone
In their passing they proved to be expendable life without them goes on
Their wealth and their money did not keep them alive
The sharp scythe of Life's Reaper none known to survive
The one who does not respect money or fame
The lives of the wealthy and poor to life's Reaper the same
The fact is all of us humans are born to die
And as is said of fact it never does lie
Many who thought they were irreplaceable in cemeteries lay
And life without them it does go on today
Some of us with our sense of self importance can get carried away
That thought can make a fool of us seems true to say
We age rather quickly beyond our life's prime
And eventually we all become victims of time.

Sheila Barry

There are good days and bad days in life one can say
Sad news out of Millstreet Sheila Barry has passed away
A woman who did lead by good example in life
As a good mother to her children and to Patsy Barry a good wife

A woman well worthy of death's parting tears
A resident of Murphy's Terrace for decades of years
So humble in her ways and free of conceit
She will be sadly missed from the Town of Millstreet

In our journey in life to bear always some cross
Her family, relatives and friends can only grieve at her loss
And only good memories are left to retain
Of one never to be seen in the flesh again

Since death is a part of life it seems to be
The farewell bell that rang for her will ring for you and me
Due to her kind ways in life she made many a friend
Though sadly her journey has come to an end

To live as a good person is a just claim to renown
Sheila Barry will be sadly missed from Millstreet Town
Hope her parting from life for her was a painless release
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's she now is at peace.

Kathy Baulch's Sheep

Kathy Baulch is a woman who does like sheep
A small flock of them on her land she does keep
Without a ram in numbers they cannot increase
Their lot is to age in contentment and peace

In the warm days of Summer them one often does see
Sitting chewing their cuds in the shade of the old red gum tree
Content in their old age and of any stress free
As sheep they are lucky as most would agree

Some of Kathy's sheep do not have a tooth in their mouth
Whilst some lay chewing their cuds others are stretched out
Content and relaxed in the cool of the shade
One can say of Kathy's sheep they have it made

In Kathy they do have a good human mate
Their meat will never be on a dinner plate
Most sheep for human consumption are born to die
To say Kathy's sheep were born to be lucky is not telling a lie

In the cool shade of the red gum in the heat of the day
Some of them stretched out some of them chewing their cuds lay
In the heat of the afternoon Kathy Baulch's sheep
An image of contentment in the memory for to keep.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Millstreet An Old Town

It's many famous people one of it's claims to renown
Millstreet in view of Clara a very famous Town
Of green old Duhallow a gem in the crown
For it's people and races of black, white and brown

For it's hospitable people Millstreet is quite well known
Where every visitor is welcomed as one of their own
One of the more multicultural rural Towns in the Ireland of today
Where many people make their homes in from Lands far away

One can say in truth far too many to name
Of Millstreet people who have known of fame
People for their achievements who are known far and wide
Who hail from the Town in Duhallow's green old countryside

To people of many a different culture and religion and race
Millstreet has become known as a welcoming place
If ever you visit the Town of Millstreet
People of varying backgrounds you surely will meet

A Town in full view of high Claramore
What can be said of Millstreet that has not been said before
By people who have visited there for a holiday
Or people from elsewhere who live there today

For it's hospitable people it has become widely known
Millstreet an old Town with a charm of it's own
Multicultural by nature and multicultural by name
But this only one of it's many claims to fame.

Not Of The Few

When i say the judgmental are not of the few
You may say to this do tell us what is new
You are judged by your take home pay and the size of your car
Wherever people socialize the judgmental are

Though on the equality of people the broad minded insist
They are talking of something that does not exist
Equality never has been or never will be
Though this is quite a sad thing would you not agree

We have learned as we live since we learned how to crawl
But there is no such a thing as a fair go for all
Since money has become so much a part of human life
Even among wealthy people inequality is rife

And judgmental people who on their right to judge take pride
Play their part in upholding the social divide
Like judgmental people of inequality the Human World will never be free
Suppose this is how it is and it always will be.

For Claraghatlea Near Millstreet Town

For Claraghatlea near Millstreet town i have shed my last tears
For i have not been back there for three decades of years
I retain fond memories of the place where i first saw light of day
And where i grew from a boy to a man before time left me gray
I retain fond memories of the rushy fields near the Town of Millstreet
In view of old Clara's bracken hill where the waterways do meet
Where i first grew to love Nature when i was a young boy
And learning of her ways today to me a source of joy
Claraghatlea just west of Millstreet Town was my first home-place
But where i was known to everyone today mine to most would be a stranger's face
I left there thirty years ago in December's drizzling rain
And the old fields that i used to love i may not see again
The now is what does matter as the wise person does say
And at 12 a m this evening the past will be today.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Such A Wonderful Thing

Those who do live in the poor side of the town
Who can laugh at life though financially down
Are people that one does have to admire
For to survive the hard times they have what it does require

They are the victims of birth circumstance
And of success in life they do stand little chance
Though they are very poor they never complain
And hope for a better future they do retain

That they can laugh though they live in poverty
Is quite admirable would you not agree
With their tough situations they have learned how to cope
Where there is laughter there also is hope

To despair they refuse for to give in
Their will to survive it does come from within
Laughter it does bring some joy to their day
And in their minds do keep the black moods at bay

Laughter it is such a wonderful thing
Some joy to the poorest it even does bring
One has to admire the financially down
Who can laugh at life in the poor side of town.