Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Joe

Wherever he is happiness to be found
As he carries it with him and shares it around
In his mind for sadness there is not any space
He always does have a big smile on his face
There is so much to like about in Happy Joe
He is one of those people who does not have a foe
He is the sort most people of wish to know
Since he has been blessed with the bright inner glow
His sort of person to say the least rare
He does not aspire to be a millionaire
At the local pub whilst enjoying his beer
In his funny jokes he is creating cheer
One who has many friends he does not have a foe
There ought to be more people like Happy Joe.

The Big Fellow Matt

A giant of a fellow broad shouldered Matt
He is one of those blokes who has been there and done that
He has shorn sheep in Queensland laid pipes in Ballarat
On his muscular body not one ounce of fat

In his twenty fifth year in the prime of his life
He does not have children or he does not have a wife
Though in his travels in the countryside up and down
He does have a young woman in every town

With long dark hair and dark beard he is physically strong
One kind in his ways who would not do you wrong
Though he does not like fighting when put to the test
He has never been known to come out second best

Though in many towns his is a well known face
He never does stay that long in any place
To settle in one place one never inclined
The lust of the wander is in his young mind

Hard work to him is not anything new
He has worked on building sites and many a concreting crew
He has drunk beer in pubs from Cairns to Ararat
One who lives for travel the big fellow Matt.

From Where The Dark Tarwin Flow

The ways of the City he is coming to know
The young man from the place where the dark Tarwin flow
On it's way to the ocean near Venus Bay
Though in Ferntree Gully he is happy to stay
One reason for this is love he has found
In the suburbs of Melbourne far from his home ground
In a dark haired young beauty of twenty three
He is in love and happy and of any care free
In his twenty fourth year he has found his soul mate for life
In a pretty young woman who has agreed to be his wife
He visits south Gippsland for the brief holiday
But nearer to Melbourne he is happy to stay
Far from where the dark Tarwin waters do flow
In the home of the wombat and the pale eyed crow.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Some People Out Of Lying

Some people out of lying do financially well
To their sort the truth never easy to tell
They cheat people out of vast amounts of money with their convincing lies
No longer a rare breed these crooks in disguise
Their scams seem so plausible people them do believe
One can say of them they flatter to deceive
Some people make vast fortunes in money out of dishonesty
Internet scammers leave many in dire poverty
To be good at lying to them does financially pay
They steal by deception from people every day
But what goes around comes around remains ever true
And eventually they will receive the Karma they are due
Out of their ill gotten gains financially wealthy they may grow
But eventually they too must reap what they sow.

They Have The Inner Glow

In the minds of the compassionate for hatred there is not any space
There are good and bad people in every race
And every color and nationality and creed
Of more good people the Human World is in need
To make the World better to live in with yourself you begin
The power to do good only comes from within
Good people are helping others every day
Performing good deeds without expecting pay
It is not the size of your home or your brand new car
That tells anything of the person that you are
It is how you treat others in their time of need
Material gains do have their source in greed
Some kind and compassionate people of i feel privileged to know
One can say of them they have the inner glow.

Until The Day I Do Die

Far north of this countryside near Warrnambool
As a boy of the fifties i went to primary school
On looking back the Seasons it seems long ago
And time that rusts iron has since become my foe

A reluctant school-goer school was not for me
My sort never achieve a uni or college degree
But my great joy in life is i discovered rhyme
I have been doing it now for more than four decades of time

I wrote my first rhymes from where i now live far away
And i add to my growing numbers of them every day
I used to love reading them as a boy
And writing them for me a great source of joy

In nineteen seventy three at twenty seven going back in time quite a span
As a man of rhyme my rhyming journey for me began
I love writing rhyme to say different would be a lie
And i hope to be doing it until the day i do die.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Big Mal

Of living a successful life he did fail
For dealing in narcotics he has spend years in jail
A father and grandfather he has never had a wife
Though many women have come to and gone from his life

But Mal in his late seventies enjoys his sexual flings today
That of women he is not finished yet only true for to say
For his years robust and healthy though balding and gray
From a fight he is one who would not back away

Most of the local young bullies only too aware
That Mal in a brawl of himself can take care
The few young blokes foolish enough for to test him who have tried
Have been left with a serious dent to their pride

Though some of the roughest of males to them can have a compassionate and courageous side
And Big Mal for his bravery is known far and wide
He risked his life to save his neighbor Mrs Mancini's baby daughter from a house fire
To her he is a hero a man to admire

To a small band of survivors he does surely belong
Big Mal in his late seventies is still going strong
From a broken home homeless as a teenager a rough existence he did lead
But a story of his life would make a great read

In a one bedroom rental apartment he lives on his own
And though as the gentle sort he will never be known
From one in need of help he would never turn away
And he is not a bad person despite what some of him do say

In the local pub his face is a known sight
Where he drinks four or five or six beers every night
Though not one to ever go looking for fight
When challenged he has never taken to flight.