Saturday, July 22, 2017

Arrogant Males

Arrogant males are not rare which does seem sad to say
Many of their sort in the World of today
Yet arrogance for most of them does seem to pay
As some silly women do fall for them in a big way
Arrogant males full of self conceit
For succes with each other every day does compete
Into self promotion their own praises they sing
Humility for their sort will never be their thing
To meet arrogant males you need not walk far
Quite a few patronize every public bar
They make themselves heard by talking loud
The loudest voices in the din of the crowd
I do not admire them in truth i can say
The arrogant males i meet every day.

Miss Julie

Time that rusts iron keeps ticking away
So says Miss Julie of hair silver gray
In her prime quite a beauty those who know her do say
For one in her late fifties she looks well today
Julie she never was anyone's wife
Her sole offspring Andy is in the prime of his life
From men she says she is having a rest
Life without ties does seem to suit her best
One of the barmaids in the local pub
Julie a fan of the Magpies the Collingwood Football Club
One who does work hard for her take home pay
And about her she does have a likeable way
Shoulder length wavy hair of silver gray
Pretty Miss Julie is aging in a graceful way.

The Man From Banteer

Well into his seventies and when on the beer
In the local he sing the man from Banteer
Without the responsibility of children or wife
A character of sorts and one who laughs at life

He has not been in Banteer for forty five years
But for the what was he has shed his last tears
He says in this southern Land i will die
If i did tell you different this would be a lie

In his seventy sixth year his hair silver gray
He is one who has known of a far better day
A jovial fellow he does seem carefree
And as happy as anyone could wish to be

A retired Warrnambool City council worker one well liked and well known
And looked on by all who know him as one of their own
He would feel a stranger in Banteer today
And he is in Warrnambool for the long stay

A likeable fellow the man from Banteer
One who is quite partial to the taste of beer
Far south of where he went to primary school
He feels quite at home in breezy Warrnambool.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Her Given Name Ann

At the south beach cafe overlooking the sea
She sat on her own at a table enjoying cake and tea
Gray wavy hair to her shoulders and soulful brown eyes
In hair dyes and anti ageing creams her age she did not disguise

I was the only other person in the cafe drinking a coffee
When she said come and join me if in need of company
So i joined her at her table we talked for awhile
Such a warm and friendly lady free of conceit or guile

She needed someone to talk to her story to tell
A story never to be published in book form to sell
She was raised in a Melbourne Orphanage her given name Ann
One with good and bad memories over an eight decade time span

One who in her life who has lived through good times and bad
She never knew her mother or the man who was her dad
Her husband of sixty years Leon died last year
She said his spirit to her remains ever near

In life she said you always do need luck on your side
Her only child Marie in her mid twenties in childbirth died
But the baby boy Timmy survived Ann is a great grandmother today
There is many an up and down in life she wistfully did say

We chatted for a half an hour and on parting she did say
Such a beautiful view from this cafe looking out on the bay
Though i have not seen her since then the memories with me remain
Of a beautiful soul who had known it tough that i may not see again.

This Morning In The Cold Gray Dawn

This morning in the cold gray dawn i heard the magpie sing
In the depths of Winter in July five weeks from the calendar Spring
His beautiful warbling flute like notes floating in the breeze across the sunless sky
His kind warble all through the year and to sing are never shy
In the depths of the Winter a coldness in the showers
Yet the wattles look resplendent cloaked in their yellow flowers
The countryside is looking green as it does this time of year
And every cold gray Winter dawn to Spring brings us ever near
This morning in the cold gray dawn on low branch of a tree
The magpie lark as he raised and lowered his wings was calling out pee wee
In the depths of the Winter a low of four degrees
Blowing uphill from the ocean a chilly freshening breeze
But a bird who feels the urge to sing at all times of the year
The warbling of a magpie a pleasant sound to hear.

More Cars More Accidents

A mere statistical fact and fact never lie
More cars on the roadways mean more accidents and more people are badly injured or die
Due to speed and driver error suppose most things are linked to life's destiny
Every day of death in accidents we hear of and see on t v
On a three car pile up on the busy highway
Four more people died in a road accident today
The police report stated speed and driver error to blame
So many road accident postscripts are much the same
Some families tonight will find it hard to sleep
For a deceased family member in a road accident their sorrow is deep
For speed the main cause of fatal road accidents the price huge to pay
The more cars the more accidents only true to say
And when death is involved does not matter who is wrong or right
A family is grieving for a deceased family member tonight.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Respect Is A Thing

Respect is a thing that has more than one way
That it has to be mutual seems true for to say
How can you respect one who does not respect you
Of sides to respect there has to be two
Respect you must give for respect to receive
On such a life philosophy i do believe
Those who in their words enjoy putting others down
Will never become the best loved in the town
Respectful people by honor do live
Since due respect to others they are willing to give
They never trash talk or in their ways are not small
And they do believe on a fair go for all
Respect is a thing that has more than one way
And that it has to be mutual seems true for to say.