Monday, October 16, 2017


Their natural ways of survival seem obviously clear
One female rabbit can give birth to forty young a year
Though to make them extinct humans their best do try
The rabbits regroup and in numbers multiply
By human kind rabbits of persecution not spared
Myxomatosis, clavixal virus and being shot at and poisoned and snared
But the rabbits survive though their numbers fluctuate
And their survival as a species few do celebrate
They eat grass and destroy crops and dig holes in the ground
Much damage to land where rabbits in numbers abound
They are the great survivors of them one can say
Rabbits are creatures i see every day
Humans to make them extinct their very best does try
But that they are the great survivors of them one cannot deny.

How You Live Your Life

Live and let live and to your higher self remain true
And pay everyone the respect they are due
How you live your life it is all up to you
Your best is all that you can hope to do
For your future good Karma you can plant the seed
By helping the person of your help in need
Most of the kind and compassionate may be strangers to fame
But they do bring honor to their family name
For being kind to others they do not expect pay
And they help those in need of helping every day
That good is rewarded one can only believe
And those willing to give can expect to receive
Those who care about the welfare of others are good people indeed
And of more of their sort the human World is in need.

Money That Does Buy Most Things

Some people never seem to worry at all
A big problem to one to another seems small
You may be one of the materially wealthy of the town
But despite all of your money at times you feel mentally down

But money is quite important for to give it fair due
And that you are better off unhappy with it than without it happens to be true
With plenty money up the social ladder you will climb far
But it is only the poor who know who their friends are

Though money is quite important it does not guarantee
You of stress and worry that you will be free
Among wealthy people few happy of mind
Contentment more abundant among the middle class kind

Some of the town's wealthiest people do not sleep well at night
Though finnancially they are doing more than all right
Because of profits being slightly down from last year they worry and stress
Money that does buy most things cannot buy happiness.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I Have Travelled A Bit

I have travelled a bit been in many a town
And i have mixed with many races of black, white and brown
And i have come to the conclusion for racism in humanity there ought not be a place
As there are good and bad people in every race
Good people can be of any race or creed
And of their sort humanity of more is in need
You can help to make the World better to live in
By being kind to others this is never a sin
A racist person is one who is badly flawed
And racism in the Human World it ought to be outlawed
Some people in their thinking are very small
Their idea of a fair go it does not include all
Those who make a stand against racism one has to admire
And of singing their praises i for one cannot tire.

Happy And Sad

The unfriendly one who looks sad and feeling down
Is not one of the popular people of the town
Their sort not the people one wishes to meet
And they never does spread joy whilst walking the street
But the happy person blessed of the inner glow
Is the one that most people does wish for to know
A smile as is said does not cost one a thing
And a moment of joy to somebody may bring
Laugh and the World laughs with you as a truism remain
In the meaning of this does one need to explain
You cannot feel happy all though every day
And human moods are many seems true for to say
But the one who greets you with a smiling face
Is one who does bring joy to the gloomiest place.

The War Damaged Man

In the town he was born in and raised in he will live his last day
The ageing old fellow his hair silver gray
As a young man he fought in a war far away
Youth does have it's fling as the wise one does say
He is not a father or never has had a wife
Alcohol it has been the ruination of his life
An addiction that can have it's source in a war damaged mind
A false sense of happiness in alcohol he does find
Today he is haunted by bad things he did see
The deaths of some of his comrades live in his memory
His face in the local pub a familiar sight to see
Where he drinks until closing time almost every night
A likeable old fellow the war damaged man
His life's journey will end for him where it began.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Your Greatest Gift

The longest lived human life in time not a long span
So live for as long as you possibly can
Your greatest gift is your life as the wise one has said
Only earthworms live in the graves of the dead
Everyone does grow older but few does grow wise
That this can be so surely not a surprise
The wise person between people does not differentiate
And the millionaire and the pauper as equals does rate
So many people do crave some form of success
But life is the greatest gift we do possess
Of a life after bodily death is not for me to say
Only know for us all there is a last night and day
The deceased war hero is past being brave
Only earthworms live in the depths of the grave.