Saturday, February 17, 2018

Joe And Kate

Joe is a happy old fellow always with a smile on his face
Yet to see him with a sad look on his features for such there is no space
He is one of those who takes joy with him and always a pleasure for to meet
Wherever that happens to be at on the park, shopping center or the street
For one who is friendly and happy he does have a cranky old wife
Kate is not the sort of woman to bring joy to any man's life
Sixty years married they have nine great grandchildren of marriage this does seem a long time
There has been many sunsets and sunrises since Joe and Kate were in their prime
It is said that opposites attract with Joe and Kate it is this way
In ways they are very different but as married and together they stay
Both of them in their early eighties time has left them looking gray
In sixty two hundred and forty Seasons and in that many a night and day
Joe and Kate in ways quite different but between them there is harmony
It is said that opposites attract with them this is how it seems to be.

Of Youth And Young Love

Of youth and young love stories are written and songs they are sung
But of course it is a fallacy that only the good do die young
I have known many good people who have lived to die old
But of them songs not sung and stories not written or told
Some good people die young and some live to die old and gray
Since life's reaper is not ageist in any sort of a way
Some die as children and teenagers and in their lives prime
And some are granted a longer spell of time
But there is fact in the saying and fact never lie
That the longer you live the sooner you will die
But that only the good do die young as a fallacy remain
This is something that seems beyond me to explain
But never believe everything you are told
Some good people die young and some good people live to die old.

I May Never

I may never climb Clara Mountain again
Or hear the breeding frogs croak in the water logged drain
When the mild winds of March from the Boggeraghs blow
And in the rushy old fields the male pheasants crow

Of life we all do have our own history
And we age with our memories of what used to be
Of people we have known and on our journeys have met
Those we remember with fondness and those we wish to forget

I may never again hear the migratory curlew sing
In Matty Owens bog on an evening in Spring
In the calm of the twilight just after sundown
In the quiet countryside just west of Millstreet Town

Our good memories age with us like good tasting wine
But the memories of a city raised person would be different to mine
And though different to mine a country raised boy
City raised people have their own good memories to enjoy

Though his song lives in me as a memorable thing
I may never again hear the male robin sing
When the hawthorns are in their white blooms of the May
In green old Duhallow from here far away.

The Fate Of The Leaves

The elite sports people in the World of today
Were born to be mortals in truth one can say
Great as they are one day they must die
In this respect they are no different to you and to i

Eventually they too will become victims of time
In ten years from now they will be past their prime
Though they will age with the memories of sporting renown
When they were admired as the best in the town

Though they have their trophies and medals in old age for to show
Time has left the champins of the past walking slow
Today's sports fans have their young champions to admire
And greats of the past them does not inspire

They were the sporting greats of long ago
Until eventually time too did become their foe
Brown leaves of the Autumn to the earth does fall
The fate of the leaves does apply to us all.

Friday, February 16, 2018

It Is Love Of Rhyme

For many years i have been a rhyming buff
Just one who has written a whole heap of stuff
Not one of the young brigade of rhyming men
Of years i have lived a year with three score and ten
Back in the early nineteen seventies going way back in time
In my twenty seventh year i penned my first rhyme
Since then so many Seasons have come and have gone
And time on my life ever keeps ticking on
I never refer to myself as a poet
Nor am i one worthy of literary note
I loved reading rhymes when i was a young boy
And penning them nowadays is something i enjoy
It is easy to write rhymes as most would agree
And it is love of rhyme that made a rhymer of me.

In Life There Is No Guarantee

At midnight today will be of the past and tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone
And feel glad that life's reaper has spared you to see the going down of the sun
How long will life's reaper ignore you the young generally outlive the old it seems to be
But this not always the case in life there is no guarantee
Life's reaper has claimed the lives of children and of healthy people in their physical prime
No guarantee the length of your life span the reaper can call on you at any time
Today some have seen their last sunset and tomorrow will not see the sunrise
The person who takes life for granted to say the least is not wise
Your life is the greatest gift you have a gift that you lose when you die
For to say that there are gifts that are greater would surely be stating a lie
Life may be hard for you but feel happy for every day you live for to see
It well may be the only life you may know of  but many with this may not agree
I am one who feels very happy for every day i live to see
For i know that time on me is ticking and life's reaper has not forgotten me.

We Learn As We Live From Life

Knowledge on bushes and trees does not grow
And the more of it you acquire so little of it you realize you do know
We learn as we live from life every day
We never stop learning it does seem this way
Those who think they know it all are quite lucky indeed
Of any more knowledge they are not in need
That they are not leaders of change is not any surprise
But then that ignorance can be bliss as a saying seems so wise
If we are open to learning knowledge we will gain
But that we do know little as a truism remain
That with we learn as we live is how it seems to be
This is someting that most with would surely agree
And those who think they know it all are quite lucky indeed
Of any more knowledge they are not in need.