Friday, December 15, 2017

You Do See Them Often

You do see them often in the park or on the street
The people you know of but would rather not meet
Only silence between you never a good day
Between you no greeting words there are to say
With you in common they have nothing to share
And a simple good day they do not have to spare
You do see them often you know them by face
But among their circle of friends you would feel out of place
Through different eyes difference we do see
Each to their own is how it seems to be
You are not the type they would like to befriend
Social opposites in true terms never do blend
You do see them often though not every day
And between them and you there is nothing to say.


She pushes her shopping trolley along the side street
Gray haired old Sadie with gaps between her teeth
An octogenarian she lives on her own
And of better days in life she surely has known

Sadie she never was any man's wife
Or never had children to care for in life
Retired from her nursing job fifteen years ago
And time that ages all things has become her foe

The wrinkles of time on her aged face
Sadie is one who is ageing with grace
One who does not wear makeup or use hair dye
She is how she seem to Sadie does apply

From one in need of help she never turns away
Sadie she does her good deeds every day
Sadly people like her never know of renown
One of the ageing unsung of the town

When she does smile gaps between her teeth does show
Pushing her shopping trolley she shuffles on slow
Sadie has helped many people in need
She is a wonderful woman indeed.

A December Night

The moon moves silent in the starry sky
A fox does bark in the paddock nearby
Familiar in it's wild distinctive cry
Of humans and their dogs it's kind justifiably wary and shy
To lure the fox from their young the masked lapwing take to flight
Their harsh cries pierce the stillness of the night
They know the fox on their young it would prey
The reason they mob it for to send it on it's way
Mopoke mopoke in the silence one does hear
A boobook owl is hunting somewher near
The smaller birds in cover wake in fright
They live in fear of the hunter of the night
In the Moyne Shire a fox is on the prowl
And i hear the cry of a hunting boobook owl.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

It Is Only The Winners

One might say they kicked their way into renown
The heroes of football are played through the town
Behind the citizens band on the sidewalks the happy fans singing loud
Waving the club colors delighted and proud

They are deemed to be worthy of a street parade
And on winning the cup heroes of them are made
Had they lost in the big game in the pubs of the town
Their disappointed fans their sorrows would drown

Life one suppose like the big football game
To the winners go all of the glory and fame
The losing fans are left to weep in their beer
The winning fans feel they have the right to cheer

It is out of winners that heroes are made
The losers from memory so quick to fade
Suppose this is how it is and it always will be
It is a winners World would you not agree

Tonight in the pubs the winning fans will celebrate
They will sing the club song and party until late
Whilst the fans of the losers will weep in their beer
It is only the winners have the right to cheer.

A Happy Person

She is such a lovely young lady free of conceit and of guile
She helps me for to feel younger when she greets me with a smile
Every time that i do see her in the park or on the street
People like her are worth knowing and always a pleasure for to meet
She is one who does not ignore me though my hair is silver gray
Always greets me with a big smile and wishes me a nice day
People like her are not in the many in the World of today
Most of them if not looking at their smart phones from you look the other way
People like her we need more of to your day some joy they do bring
Their happiness they share with others and this is such a marvellous thing
Happy people make others happy as they do have the inner glow
She is one of those rare people i feel happy of to know
A down to earth and lovely person free of any sort of guile
Every time that i do see her she always greets me with a smile.

Legal Crims

Legal crims control the World they have money they have power
And just like the weeds of the garden they do stifle every flower
And sad to think the gullible masses look up to them and them admire
Like them to be wealthy and powerful many social climbers to aspire
Illegal crims are locked in prison where they do deserve to be
But sad to say their legalized kindred are enjoying the good life living free
Making millions whilst many grow poorer in a World where billions live in poverty
All because of legalized criminals who seem proud of their dishonesty
In a World where millions of people are stateless and homeless and dying of hunger every day
Legal crims are growing wealthier it should never be this way
I for one do not respect them and them i never could admire
I see nothing good or gracious in them of praise worthy to inspire
Millions because of them poorer such a sad thing for to say
They ought to be locked in prison and for their sins be made to pay.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The More I Learn About Nature

The more i learn about Nature the more my wonder of her does grow
Yet so little about her of i cannot claim to know
I learn something new about her every day
In life we never stop learning it does seem this way
I first grew to love Nature when i was a boy
And learning about her today i enjoy
And the more i learn of her the more i realize
That i do know so little this not a surprise
Her secrets are many and her wonders not few
And every day of Nature we do learn something new
Our Earth Mother grows the food on which we do live
Yet we take and take from her and in return to her little give
In Nature there is so much beauty to see
And wherever i look it is all around me.