Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You Take Yourself Far Too Seriously

At midnight this evening today will be gone
We age by the minute and time ticking on
On how long you will live there is no guarantee
You take yourself far too seriously is how you seem to me
When you talk of of your great job and your brand new car
You give this impression of how important you are
But you have had not a good laugh for quite awhile
And you never do find it easy to smile
You tell everyone of your wonderful life
Of your lovely children and your beautiful wife
You are self absorbed in your personal success
And others you do try so hard to impress
But that many find you boring you fail to realize
And this in itself is not any surprise.

Happy Jim

Not one with large amounts of money to his name
He is a stranger to success and fame
Yet one that you never will hear complain
From grumbling he says there is nothing to gain
He lives up to his nickname of Happy Jim
As nothing ever seems for to bother him
Single without the worry of children or wife
Contented and healthy in the prime of his life
In his mid twenties and time on his side
With a few lovers to keep him sexually satisfied
One who likes drinking and music and song
In the pub he always join in the sing along
Wherever Jim is at joy is to be found
As he carries it with him and shares it around.

Eileen Collins

Eileen was a Murphy of Ballydesmond of the Cork Kerry border on the Cork side
Her loyalties were to Cork her whole lifetime the red flag she did wave with pride
A good mother to her son Fergal in Australia and to Noel Collins a devoted wife
A Kerry man with loyalties to Kerry that will remain with him for life

Good memories do last a whole lifetime for memory in time seems to stand still
For many years they lived in Millstreet the Town in view of Clara Hill
Eileen and Noel quite well liked people and they did make many a friend
But of late very sad news on Eileen that her life journey has come to an end

For all of us there is a last Season a final night and final day
On the length of human life never any guarantee when death comes who is for to say
Eileen loved her friends and her family quite a good person in every way
She has gone home to Ballydesmond forever in peace for to lay

Her genes in her son and her grandchildren living a part of her only has gone
And good memories of her in all who did know her for their lifetimes will be living on
She lived as a good person should live she never done anyone wrong
She may have lived for years in Millstreet but her heart in Ballydesmond belong

She has gone home to Ballydesmond where she lived in her younger years
Eileen Collins surely a great person one well worthy of farewell tears
Never more to see the gray fog of rain creeping down the face of old Clara Hill
And her heart that beat with love and kindness sad to say is forever still.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We Are The Irish

We are the people of laughter and mirth
Irish by nature and Irish by birth
When in the mood for fun we celebrate
And we know how to party on until late

Our ancestors knew of sadness and tears
And endured wars and hardships and many tough years
But their love of life till death with them did remain
Their spirit and compassion in our genes we retain

Proud of our culture though ours not an overbearing pride
Our music song and dance it is known Worldwide
To join us all others we do invite
Laughter and fun people known to unite

Of racism and oppression our people have known
But that we too are not flawless we do not disown
Of the praises of others we are known to sing
And that we can laugh at ourselves is a self effacing thing

Our people in wars and famines have been down but not out
That we are a race of survivors there is not any doubt
In many bloody wars our young men their lives gave
In their belief of freedom and justice at least they died brave

Of major crimes against humanity such as genocide
Of such we do not have any secrets to hide
From our own small Country we have traveled far
We are the Irish and proud of who we are.

They Had Lived in Australia For Thousands Of Years

They had lived in Australia for thousands of years
Until the northern invaders brought them sorrow and tears
Their lands taken from them they were dispossessed
And in their own Country they became the oppressed

Their water holes poisoned they were hunted and gunned down
And on their sacred sites the so called pioneers built a town
Their children taken from them such sadness of they have known
And the respect they deserved to them was never shown

The day of the invasion of their Country now celebrated as Australia Day
True respect to Australia's first people it is time we did pay
That the day for Australia Day celebrations to them is quite hurtful should be obviously clear
And for such celebrations the date should be changed to another time of year

Australia it is true has a black history
And Australia's first people they will always be
They have survived dispossession and oppression and crimes against humanity
And they have known of racism and are treated as outsiders in their own Country

But eventually they will claim their rightful place
And be given the respect they are due as Australia's first race
That they have survived as a race of people is a miracle it does seem
And they deserve to be held in much higher esteem.

Some Things In Human Life

Some things in human life beyond me to explain
Why somebody's loss becomes someone's else's gain
It does not seem at all fair of this you may say
But then such is life and life works in this way
Losing is a thing anyone does not choose
But for one for to win someone else has to lose
Human life can be complex would you not agree
But suppose this is how it is and how it always will be
Life's winners and losers gives rise to human inequality
And few climb to the top branch of the social tree
In human life there can be inequality due to birth circumstance
People who not due to their own fault of success in life stand little chance
And why somebody's loss becomes someone else's gain
Is beyond an ordinary fellow like me to explain.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Young Jimmy The Randy

For having sex with other men's wives always some price to pay
Handsome Young Jimmy The Randy not looking handsome today
With eyes blue and swollen and a broken nose
He has got his comeuppance one has to suppose

The story of how his face was rearranged he feels too embarrassed to share
A present to him from the fists of Big Dave The Bear
Who came home early from work and found him in bed with his pretty wife Ann
To be living today Jimmy is a lucky man

As a local young stud Jimmy's reputation has grown
And for seducing other men's wives he has become known
Whilst their husbands are working with them he has his way
But you cannot win them all in life as they say

His hour of passion with Ann did not end for him in a win
Those who dabble in danger can often perish therein
Once too often the laws of morality he did transgress
And his once handsome face now looks in a mess

Young Jimmy of late is keeping out of public sight
He is not in the pub eyeing married women tonight
Like the hunted fox he has gone to ground
Since news of his bashing by Big Dave it has got around.