Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dr Sheila O' Sullivan Becker

For her many achievements one well worth writing or talking in a positive way about
That she is a great ambassador for Claraghatlea and Millstreet there cannot be any doubt
Her autobiographical book 'My Dream From Ireland To America' makes for a memorable read
It is by good example that Dr Sheila O' Sullivan Becker does lead

One of so many achievements and her equals so few
A Claraghatlea person of i only knew
One to my regret in the flesh that i never may meet
It can be truly said of Sheila the best of Millstreet

A beautiful woman with quite an amazing life story to tell
On her ninetieth year of life she is looking quite well
Her amazing story of her life took her way back in time
To the Ireland i knew long before i reached my life's prime

Sheila with her amazing memory many decades of time does span
Married to the now deceased Jay Becker quite a talented man
Cathy and Meg and two granddaughters her family of her feel so proud
She has lived through many Seasons and by time seems unbowed

A woman of amazing fortitude cancer she did survive
And on her ninetieth year of life she is very much alive
Far south of Claraghatlea near Millstreet Town in Detroit in the U S A
Dr Sheila O' Sullivan Becker is a living legend today.

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