Friday, July 14, 2017

Fred And Jane

Jane often complains to her friends about her husband Fred
Though they live under the one roof they do not share the same bed
She says apart from their teenage son and daughter any other thing in common they do not share
Of his sexual needs his man friend does take care

Jane in her late thirties of sex has chosen to go without
Due to religious reasons since she is quite devout
To stay true to her beliefs in one of the great pleasures in life she cannot partake
This is a great sacrifice for anyone to have to make

Jane at the weekend religious services attend
Whilst Fred is at the home of his intimate friend
In name only they do remain as man and wife
But then suppose such are the vagaries of life

Fred in his early forties no longer sleeps with Jane
About him to her friends she sometimes complain
That apart from their children nothing in common they do share
But such things between people are not very rare.

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