Monday, July 10, 2017

The Loner

He is not a member of any community club
Or he never drinks in the local pub
Where the mates drink their grog and talk of their lives and football
To his sort tribal bonding does not appeal at all

A quiet sort he lives his life in his own way
He does not have a man friend or woman friend some say he is gay
But what his sexual preferences are none in truth do know
An aura of mystery around him does grow

His own or the praises of others he never does sing
He lives in his own way and does his own thing
He may have chosen the life of the loner but he never looks sad
And he is a good person in him nothing bad

His neighbor the aged widow on an old age pension poor Mrs Kay
About him does only have nice things to say
She says people like he is one does not meet every day
He helps me out of kindness and never accepts any pay

He does not need friends one would have to suppose
And the one without friends is also one without foes
But the poor aged pensioner widow next door of help often in need
Does say of him he is my true friend indeed.

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