Thursday, July 6, 2017

To Live As Good People

To live as good people their claim to renown
The long deceased of Millstreet and old Millstreet Town
In the cemeteries of Drishane and St Mary's and the West End they lay
Many of their descendants are living in Millstreet today.

Unlike the sporting greats whose names Are known far and wide
But well loved in their part of Duhallow's green old countryside
To the ways of time they may be long gone
But good memories of them in all who knew them today living on

Time does bring changes to every place
Bring gray to the hair and wrinkles to the face
And a lot of good people i will never more meet
Are at peace today in the Town of Millstreet

Though some of them did die in lands far away
Many of them in Millstreet did choose for to stay
Contented to grow old in view of Clara Hill
For to travel they did not have the desire or will

Never more for to be seen in the flesh again
Though in all who knew of them good memories of them remain
With their lot in life never heard them complain
Today mental images of them i retain.

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