Monday, December 22, 2014

Billy Cronin

This teenager Billy Cronin is one i have heard of but may never meet
In sports nowadays he is the talk of Millstreet
He is mentioned as a future Olympic athlete
Against the best in Ireland with success he compete

He has proven himself against his Nation's best
And as of yet has not been found to be wanting when put to the test
One who has brought honour to the red of Cork and to Millstreet's green
And the very best of him is yet to be seen

A nice photo and a nice story to go with it Sean Radley on him had to tell
In sports so good to learn of one from Millstreet doing so well
A Club that has produced great athletes of the past
By all accounts young Billy can run quite fast

The cream to the top rise as some like to say
More honours are likely to come Billy's way
His athletic record thus far of his capabilities does not leave anyone in doubt
And his is a good story for to read about

As a young athlete to all he has made it quite clear
That of more of him in the future we are bound for to hear
He will win further honours in twenty fifteen
For Cork in the red and Millstreet in the green.

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