Friday, December 19, 2014

One Like Conor Hartnett

One like Conor Hartnett makes one feel proud to be from Millstreet
In Rio in Brazil he helps out the poor souls of poverty street
In distance from the Clara road thousands of sky kilometres away
The best of Duhallow of him one can say

All of the money he saves working for the Westpac Bank in Sydney Australia on helping Rio's homeless he does spend
To poor people Conor Hartnett is a true friend
For his selfless ways great credit he is due
Yet seemingly unassuming and to his higher self he is true

One i do know of but never may meet
On radio he seems so humble and free of conceit
His mum must be proud of him as would his late dad Noel were he living today
But the Reaper claimed his life early which does seem sad to say

People like Conor Hartnett are great people indeed
They devote their lives in the helping of people who of helping are in need
If everyone were like him there would not be wars in the World or homelessness or poverty
And so much happier and better off all of humanity would be

Those who are compassionate and caring in life seldom know of renown
But Conor has been doing some great work far south of Millstreet Town
Of the praises of his sort of person we ought to sing loud
And to know he is from Millstreet makes me feel so proud.

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