Thursday, December 18, 2014

John Kelleher

When i last met him he was with Billy Connors of Newmarket at the Young and Jackson Pub twenty seven years ago
In Swanston Street in Melbourne spent an hour with them or so
The tall, young and handsome John Kelleher fresh out of Millstreet Town
He was a long way from Murphy's Terrace by the Yarra deep and brown

His services much in demand in Melbourne then since he was a plasterer by trade
One who worked hard for his living though good money he was paid
He was such a nice person and kind in his own way
And so sad to learn at a young age he has lived his final day

In the Town of Millstreet when he was a young lad
He was one often seen with his siblings and his mum and his dad
People like he was are never lost to memory
But for his nearest and dearest and his many friends how sad his passing must be

In Murphy's Terrace in Millstreet his life's journey began
And there from a boy he grew into a man
For awhile from his home he went to live elsewhere
And to experience life in the big World out there

But the power of nostalgia in him was quite strong
And he returned to live in the Town in view of Clara to where he belong
And though in Millstreet in the flesh never to be seen again
In his family and friends good memories of John their lifetimes will remain.

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