Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sharia Law

A law where it is legal for a man for to beat his wife
And where to insult the supreme being or renounce your religion could cost you your life
Where there is less value in a family placed on a daughter that there is on a son
And where a man can have four wives and of husbands a woman only one
In some Countries for one to survive you must toe the religious line
Where it is legal for a man for to marry a girl of nine
For women there will never be equality
This is how it is and seemingly will always be
Countries where a person who steals for to feed his or her children is punished by the severing of a hand
The reason for such an extremely cruel law is beyond me to understand
A law that is unchanged for centuries and will not change in the centuries ahead
Where to marry one of another faith may well have you dead
I only speak of fact your own conclusion draw
Of what is known Worldwide as Sharia Law.

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