Saturday, May 9, 2015

Memories Of Mick Connie O

An old time story teller from decades ago
He was quite a character Mick Connie O
One who had lived through two World wars and had fought the black and tan
And in his younger years quite a well traveled man

As he spun a good yarn or told a good joke
He puffed on his pipe and blew out some smoke
Coolikerane's greatest story teller when i was a boy
Good memories of him remain as a source of joy

Beyond Coolikerane he had experienced life elsewhere
As a younger man in the big World out there
On Winter nights listening to him by the peat fire
Telling jokes and stories we never did tire

Even into old age memories of his younger years he did retain
And in his stories he often visited the past again
Some of the many memories of his life with us he did share
Great story tellers like he was nowadays are quite rare

For his many jokes and stories he became well known
Old Mick Connie O had a charm of his own
The best teller of jokes and stories his side of Millstreet Town
Seems a pity his memories in notebook were never written down.

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