Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good News Out Of Millstreet

Good news out of Millstreet Sean Radley health-wise now okay
He has recovered from his setback on Patrick's Day
At such very good tidings many will rejoice
To get well soon wishes to Sean i too do lend my voice

The Sean Radleys of the World are to humanity's gain
And that every community needs a few like him as a fact does remain
To help other people he goes out of his way
And the seeds of good Karma he sows every day

In him his late father and mother did raise a good son
You never hear Sean Radley criticize anyone
A genial sort of a fellow and free of conceit
And known and liked far beyond the borders of the Town of Millstreet

Never known to be an athlete or good at hurling or Gaelic football
But in a sports mad Town one liked and admired by all
His numbers of friends only do seem to grow
One can say of Sean he has the inner glow

As nice a person as one could wish to meet
No other quite like him in the Town of Millstreet
Sean Radley the man every day who does make a new friend
It is so good to learn his health is on the mend.

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