Friday, March 25, 2016

Brother Vincent Corkery

A person i knew of but never did meet
He is right up there with the best of Millstreet
In Malaysia for decades helping those of helping in need
Brother Vincent Corkery was a great man indeed

In Liscahane in Millstreet he first saw light of day
And in Ipoh in Malaysia on his eighty seventh year he passed away
For the poor of Malaysia one who did care
Compassionate people like Vincent are rare

People like he was who their lives to the helping of underprivileged people devote
Are people i believe to be well worthy of note
Unselfish in his lifestyle some great work he done
His father and mother in him raised a good son

On this age of the selfie where many for money and fame do compete
There is such an abundance of greed and conceit
It makes one realize that people like Vincent Corkery are truly great
And their lives as a gift to humanity we should celebrate

Far south of the Town on view of Clara Hill
The heart that beat with kindness is forever still
Perhaps in life for him never a rousing hooray
Though to help those in need he went out of his way.

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