Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Story Of Cormac Dineen

Some stories remain as a memory of joy
Like the one that i often heard as a young boy
Of a Gaelic Footballer who played for Cork in red and Millstreet in green
The legendary borderer Cormac Dineen

A story often recalled when local old yarners did meet
Of the man who was born on the Cork Kerry border between Rathmore and Millstreet
The Kerry County G A A Board wanted young Cormac with them for to play
But their rivals in Cork did not see it this way

Cormac's birth home was on the Cork Kerry border this is how the dispute arose
Between Munster's Gaelic Football's most historical foes
Till a drawn up map of the border put the issue beyond doubt
That Cormac was a Cork man by a hundred meters or thereabout

In Gaelic Football a huge boost to Cork it did seem
But had Cormac been playing with Kerry he would have known of a far greater esteem
For in the nineteen fifties when Cormac was in his physical prime
For Kerry in Gaelic Football it was a glorious time

In Gaelic Football for Cork and his club of Millstreet great games he did play
But only the memories are with us today
Of the fearless defender who often broke up many an opposition attack
As often was said of him a hard nut for to crack

Eventually time becomes everyone's foe
And Cormac Dineen died some six years ago
Born on the Cork Kerry border Kerry wanted him with them to play
But their football rivals in Cork on it did have their way.

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