Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Brave Men Of My Home Countryside

I come from a place where brave young men for what they believed in died
That they were true to their beliefs of them cannot be denied
The stories of the bravery remain a sense of pride
Of the legendary heroes of my home countryside
Fearless in the face of danger a reason they died in their lives prime
The stories of their bravery have not faded in time
Among men they were heroes where the gun fire was loud
Of the brave men of my home countryside why not i too feel proud
Some of them died in battle others with their backs to a wall
To die for what you believe in the greatest sacrifice of all
They died for their idea of freedom of their bravery stories told
The good die young they tell us and they did not live to grow old
When courage it is needed brave men from fear do not hide
The stories are inspiring of the brave men of my home countryside.

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