Sunday, November 29, 2015

On Padraig Pearse's Visit To Millstreet

It has been one hundred years since Padraig Pearse came to Millstreet Town
A man wanted by the British as a leader of the rebellion against the soldiers of the Crown
Who were occupying Ireland then the feared and loathed black and tan
The brave leader of the nineteen sixteen rising in Dublin was quite an inspiring man

To most of the population of Ireland then but it does seem sad to say
That for his love of his Country Padraig Pearse with his life was made to pay
When he was one of those who was executed by the British as a revolutionary foe
After the failed Easter Rising in Dublin ninety nine years ago

After a speech in Millstreet Town he visited Howard's Railway Hotel
Though none living today of this historical occasion to tell
Where with Duhallow's Sinn Fein leaders he met with and did dine
In the pub now known as Corkery's co owned by a descendant of the original owners from the maternal line

Recently on the outer wall of Corkery's Bar by descendants of the original owners Margaret Moynihan and Noreen Corkery a plaque was unveiled
To commemorate Pearse's visit and Tom Meaney, Noel Buckley and Jerry Lehane and Fr Sean Tucker among others hailed
The visit of the brave man who remains a hero to many in the Ireland of today
In his case it was true that the good do not live for to grow old and gray

Since Padraig Pearse visited Millstreet a century of years in time has gone
And today life in the Town in view of Clara Mountain as usual goes on
Most of the babies back then in eternal rest now lay
And life goes on as usual and time as ever ticks away.

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