Friday, December 29, 2017

How Nice To Be Out In The Weather

How nice to be out in the weather on this beautiful breezy Summer's day
The sun shining bright in the blue sky with only a few clouds of gray
The wildbirds are chirping and singing in this park by the Pacific shore
It is true of lovers of Nature that each day they do love her more
Of singing the praises of Nature it surely would be hard to tire
She is the queen of her four Seasons and so much in her to admire
Her secrets they are in the many and her wonders are not of the few
And in truth it can be said that of her every day we do learn something new
She inspire the artists and writers of her to sketch and to write
Stories of her many wonders and poetry to read and recite
The sounds and the sights of Nature beautiful to hear and to see
Carrying in the freshening breeze of evening the familiar song of the pee wee
How nice to be out in the weather on this beautiful December day
The pleasant scent in the breeze blowing of grass mowed for silage or hay.

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